NRA 3,074,722 likes                  MOMS 149,106 likes
GOA 302,570 likes                    BRADY 61,763 likes
NYSRPA 18,172 likes                MAIG  20,778 likes
SCOPE 6,646 likes                     NYAGV 2,105 likes
Gun Talk 73,233 likes

Someone at BRADY must be upset that after all of their anti-gun work, they are blown out of the water by 2012 upstart MOMS.  Just so you know, in order to “JOIN” the NRA, GOA, NYSRPA, or SCOPE you have to give them $$$.  In order to join MOMS or BRADY, all you have to do is add your name to a list.  I wonder how many members they would have if they charged money.

Smith & Wesson Corp.  770,613 likes
AR15NEWS.com 227,358 likes
Glock 713,327 likes
Colt 306,771 likes
Ruger 393,556 likes

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The Great American Outdoor Show report and I won another gun

The NRA hosted “The Great American Outdoor Show” between February 1-9, 2014 in Harrisburg,  PA.  I talked Ralph into going with me to keep me awake and as a back up driver and on Tuesday, between snow storms, we drove the 3 1/2 hours to Harrisburg.  The show opened up at 10 am and we arrived around 10:30.  All of the close parking lots were full so we had to park in an off site parking lot, $8, but they had lots of school buses running people back and forth so we only waited about 5 minutes to get a bus for the 5 minute ride back to the front door of the fair grounds so the $8 was worth it. The show is massive and we spent most of our time wandering around getting lost inside of the many buildings.  Several times when I wanted to go back to see something, I could not find my way back so next year I am going to have to plan better and mark my map as I go.  I got to say HI to Cam Edwards of the Cam & Company show on NRA News who was live casting from the show.

All of the major gun makers and accessory equipment sellers were at the show along with lots of smaller companies.  You could not buy any guns or ammo and walk out the door with them but they had lots of places to spend money including a small NRA store that had all of their decals and other small items along with clothing that you might want to try on before you buy.  One building had mostly guns and related items, one building had all archery, one building had fishing stuff and one building was mostly related to hunting guides and hunting packages from around the world and they had several more building with other stuff.  The show was just too big to cover here, all I can say is that we were walking around for 8 hours and I don’t think that I walked past half of everything.  They had an airsoft range set up with several shooting lanes and Pyramyd Air had a nice airgun range set up with about 10 or more positions and lots of different long guns and handguns to shoot.  As is normal, I entered every contest that I saw and I got a call on 2/12/14 from Pyramyd Air telling me that I had won their grand prize, a .22 Cal Marauder along with an Benjamin Hand Pump       When I was talking to the lady from Pyramyd Air I mentioned that we were having our local Friends of the NRA Dinner on March 1st and asked her if she has a few of their water bags that they might want to donate.  She came through in a big way and I can say that most of the people who come to the dinner will get one of these water bags.  They are really great.  Normally when I go in the woods I take a hard plastic bottle or one of the cheap water bottles.  The problem is that the bottles all stay the same size no matter how much water is in them and the cheap water bottles can make a crunching sound when ever you move or use them alerting the game.  The Pyramyd Air water bags are reusable and made up of a thick Mylar type of plastic so they don’t make any sound, they collapse as you drink the water and they are rectangular so they can fit in your pocket or you can hang them on you belt or vest with the supplied carabiner.

All in all a great item to take with you in the woods.  Again, thanks to Pyramyd Air not only for having a great range at the show but also donating in a big way to our local Friends of the NRA Dinner.

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Western District of New York map

The recent NY unSAFE decision by U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny, who presides over the Western District of New York, only applies to Western District of NY. This is a map of the NY Federal Districts.

One of the Judge’s rulings is that the 7 round limit is unconstitutional so you can load 10 rounds however this only applies to the counties that he rules over.  I called the Orange County DA’s office and they said that the rule in Orange County is still 7 rounds.  They told me that the only people who have been charged so far are people who were breaking other laws.  My impression is that this is not really something that they are going to go out of their way for. The NY State Police have said that they will abide by the Judge’s ruling across the state because they need to have a uniform standard across the state. (However I would say that don’t bet your liberty on thinking that a police officer is willing to risk their job or pension so that you can carry more than 7 rounds.)

NY Federal Districts

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2013 broke all records for new pistol licenses issued in Orange County with a total of 1,735.  It is impossible to know how big the backlog is in the Sheriff’s Department but it has to be between 500 and 1,000.   I don’t know how the Pistol License Department was able to keep up with the work but they did.  The Sheriff’s Department did a good job also.  The average number of new pistol licenses issued from 1093 to 2000 averaged 415.  Amendments were 5,900.

  • 2013            1,735
  • 2012            1,346
  • 2011             993
  • 2010            1,170
  • 2009            1,000
  • 2008            700
  • 2007            508
  • 2006            454
  • 2005            446
  • 2004            422
  • 2003            431
  • 2002            600  (LEO retirement after 9/11)
  • 2001            508  (LEO retirement after 9/11)
  • 2000            374
  • 1999             326
  • 1998             308
  • 1997             432
  • 1996            341
  • 1995            463
  • 1994            508
  • 1993            569
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NY unSAFE UPDATE 12/23/2013

UPDATE:  We lost most of the points except for the 7 round rule however the Judge’s ruling only impacts the area that he rules over.  In Orange County the 7 round in your gun at home is still the law.  (I talked to the OC DA’s Office on 1/31/14.)

U.S. District Court, Western District of New York
Notice of Electronic Filing
The following transaction was entered on 12/23/2013 at 1:58 PM EST and filed on 12/23/2013

Case Name: New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. et al v. Cuomo et al
Case Number: 1:13-cv-00291-WMS

Docket Text:
On November 22, 2013, Plaintiffs requested a hearing on the pending motions. [137].
But given the breadth and thoroughness of the briefing by the parties and amici already submitted to this Court, it is prepared to resolve the pending motions without a hearing. Further, this Court is fully cognizant of the impending deadlines instituted by the SAFE Act and the possible effects those deadlines may have on the public and government administration. Therefore, considering both that the issues have been comprehensively briefed and that various deadlines imposed by the Act will soon take effect, this Court will issue a decision on the merits in advance of the deadline dates.
SO ORDERED. Issued by William M. Skretny, Chief Judge on 12/23/2013.

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FOIL request for # of “Assault Weapons.” THE APPEAL

UPDATE NOV. 9, 2013.  I was quoted in a Times Union article: SAFE Act gun total declared off limits.  Provision in law says state isn’t required to disclose how many assault weapons are registered. By Rick Karlin. Published 9:53 pm, Friday, November 8, 2013

“”We don’t care about names or addresses (of registrants). We just want totals,” said George Rogero, who heads the Orange County NY Shooters group and runs a blog on Second Amendment issues.
He tried getting the number earlier this year under the state’s Freedom of Information Law, but was turned down.
Rogero said the law makes a provision for getting the number with a court order but said, “I don’t have $15,000 or $20,000 to take (a legal fight) any further.”
Gun rights advocates say they are interested in tallying registrations, in part, because with many local sheriffs opposed to the SAFE Act, they believe that only a handful of those with the grandfathered weapons will bother to register.
No one knows how many assault-style weapons are in New York state. Shortly after the law was passed, State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico estimated that there could be hundreds of thousands. Others have said 1 million isn’t an unrealistic number.
|     “There is no way to know,” said Rogero.”

It came as no surprise to me that I lost the appeal.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LETTER FROM THE STATE POLICE.  The short of it is that the law went into effect on the day that it was signed and the section that states that the data base can not be FOILed applies to all data bases created because of the NY unSAFE act

As I covered in a 7/24/2013 past post, “FOIL REQUEST, Number of Assault Weapons registered are a State Secret.”   My initial attempt at a FOIL to discover how many “Assault Weapons” have been registered was turned down by the NY State Police because the number of registered “Assault Weapons is; ” … not subject to disclosure under FOIL.”  I have just appealed the rejection.  (The person should be getting the registered letter in tomorrows mail.  I bet they thought that I went away.)

If you look at the whole letter that the NY State Police sent me, their explanation was that the information was covered under two sections of the NY unSAFE Act:

  1. The NY State Police was creating a “data base” that consisted of data in one section of the NY unSafe Act.
  2. The data in the “data base” was not FOILable in another section of the NY unSAFE Act.

In my appeal I pointed out that:

  1. The first section of the law that they talked about would, according to the law, “take effect one  year after it shall have become a law …”  So they could not site that section of the law because the law was not in effect.
  2. Also that the section of the law that they were talking about covered their list of handgun licenses and I was asking about data in another section of the law, the “Assault Weapons Registry,” not the handgun license list.
  3. I did not want the data that the NY State Police collected.  I wanted data that the department uses to manage the personal and hours in the department.  (If only 5 people a day are registering their “AWs” by mail a day you don’t need many people to enter the data.  If you have 1,000 people registering “AWs” a day I think that you might need more man hours to be worked and the cost will go up.)  It should be public information how many “AWs” are registered and how much it cost per “AW.

I am not a lawyer and this is the first time that I have done this but I know that they really don’t want to give me this information so they will say anything and do anything to keep anyone from having it.  Anything after this goes to the lawyers.



From my appeal letter:

My FOIL request was denied in part because of: “Records assembled or collected for purposes of inclusion in the database created pursuant to section 400.02 of this chapter shall not be subject to disclosure pursuant to [FOIL].”  Emphasis added.”

From the bill:  “The amendments to sections 400.02 and 400.03 of the penal law made by sections forty-nine and fifty of this act shall take effect one  year after it shall have become a law; and”

It is incorrect to reference a section of the law that has not taken effect to deny a FOIL request.

In addition, the records covered under 400.00 (5) relate to handgun licenses only.

I am requesting the number of “assault weapons” registered under section 400.00 16-a.  Registration. (a).  No section exempt(s) this information from foil request.  Additionally, I am not requesting any information contained in the registration process.  I am requesting the total numbers of “assault weapons” and types registered under the new law, how they were registered and what counties they are registered from.  This is information compiled by the management of the program for their use in administering the program and therefor is not data collected in the registration process.  If this information is not available to the public, it would be impossible to have any way to determine how effective the registration process is and how much it cost to register each “assault weapon.”

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On 8/19/2013, NYSRPA President Tom King was on Fred Dicker’s radio show where he talked about the law suite and this Saturday’s Freedompalooza.  You can catch the show on Fred Dicker’s podcast.  Start at 38:40 for the commercial and then Tom King talks about the NY unSAFE Act, the law suite, the concert and a few other things after Fred talks about trying to make Sparklers legal in NY and a bill on Cuomo’s desk.

I always try to catch Fred Dicker’s show and some of the other shows on the radio station WGDJ, 1300 AM

I am going to be going to Freedompalooza and setting up and trying to get people to join the NRA.  If you go, stop by and say HI.

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Mad Magazine cover a must buy.

Mad Magazine‘s new issue will be on the stands on
August 27th.

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UPDATED 8/4/13 11:45

Long time anti-gun Assemblyman Karim Camara is holding an event, “Emergency Summit …”  at John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2013 from 9AM to 1 PM.  The event is sponsored by Camara &  Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.  I am planning to go.  It should be fun.  I am driving so if anyone wants to go, send me an email.


UPDATES:  I will be adding links to some of the speakers:

Professor David Kennedy; Op-Ed: Another kind of gun control; instead of doomed legislation, focus police and social services on ‘hot’ groups and places. MY SUMMARY:  Why fight over politics and new gun control laws that normally don’t work.  Instead, focus on the people and groups who are doing most of the shooting and where, (or hot spots,) all of the crime is going on.

Michael Skolnik; Political Director to Russell Simmons and Co-President of globalgrind.com.  Just totally anti-gun.

Shanduke McPhatter;  Executive Director/ Founder at Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc.  Ex-blood who decided he did not like to be in prison and wants to turn the youth around.  (Skip the first 1:30)

Pastor Gilford Monrose, Lead Pastor at Mt.Zion Church of God 7th Day and President at 67th Precinct Clergy Council, Inc.
Allen James; Program Manager, Save Our Streets Crown Heights;
Jackie-Rowe Adams; Co-Founder of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. (Stop Another Violent End);  Why guns in school will make it worse, Fox News, 4/2/13  Just totally anti-all guns.  Jackie Rowe-Adams says armed guards will bring more tragedy, will not make schools safer and will distract from school work.  She was the one who joined the NRA so she could confront Wayne LaPierre at an annual meeting.  She lost 2 children to shootings.

Jim St. Germain; Youth Activist; Jim St. Germain, a former student who grew up in Crown Heights and was incarcerated at the age of 14, said programs like Passages can make a huge difference for teens running out of time to turn their lives around. “Looking back at it now, it was actually the best thing in my life,” said St. Germain, who is now 23 and preparing to enter law school after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science from John Jay College.
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FOIL REQUEST, Number of Assault Weapons registered are a State Secret.

I requested the total number of Assault Weapons registered under the new NY unSAFE act using a FOIL request.  NY State Police said NO and they used a section of the new law to say that it was a State Secret.  I guess that Dictator Cuomo does not want people to know how few people are registering their “Assault Weapons.”  If you know anyone who has access to this information please have them contact me.  (I was the one who kept track of the CoBIS numbers for 10+ years so I thought that I would do the same thing with the “AW” numbers.  We are spending $37 Million on something, it would be nice to know what we are getting for the money.)




This responds to your e-mail correspondence dated and received at this office on June 19, 2013, requesting the total number of assault weapons registered as required by the NY Safe Act to include a break down of the type of assault weapon, rifle, shotgun or pistol as well as the total numbers of assault weapons registered by county, pursuant to the requirements of Article 6 of the Public Officers Law (Freedom of Information).

Please be advised that Public Officers Law § 87(2)(a) states that an “agency may deny access to records or portions thereof that . . . are specifically exempted from disclosure by state or federal statute.”  FOIL broadly defines “record” as “any information kept, held, filed, produced or reproduced by, with or for an agency or the state legislature, in any physical form whatsoever.”  Public Officers Law § 86(4) (emphasis added).

Penal Law § 400.00(5)(a) provides, among other things, that “[r]ecords assembled or collected for purposes of inclusion in the database established by this section shall be released pursuant to a court order.  Records assembled or collected for purposes of inclusion in the database created pursuant to section 400.02 of this chapter shall not be subject to disclosure pursuant to [FOIL].”  Emphasis added.

The records you seek are specifically exempted from disclosure under FOIL by Penal Law § 400.00(5)(a).  The “general numbers” that you seek are information kept by the State Police in a physical form and, thus, plainly constitute “records.”  Further, section 400.00(5)(a) prohibits disclosure of any record assembled or collected for purposes of inclusion in the State Police database.  Because the records you seek are derived from documents that were assembled or collected for purposes of inclusion in the State Police’s database, they are not subject to disclosure under FOIL.

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