Big changes in hunting in NY and Orange County

#1.  2015-16 Licenses to go on sale August 10  –  The 2015-16 hunting and trapping licenses go on sale on August 10 and are valid beginning September 1, 2015. Licenses and permits can be purchased at one of DEC’s license-issuing agents around the state, as well as by telephone and online.

#2.   Turkey Hunting Season Modifications   –  Newly adopted regulations shorten the fall turkey hunting seasons in New York State due to a declining turkey population across the state. The new fall seasons are two weeks long with a statewide season bag limit of one bird of either sex. Season dates vary regionally with the season in the Northern Zone running October 1-14, the Southern Zone running October 17-30, and Suffolk County (Long Island) running November 21-December 4. Further details on turkey hunting can be found on DEC’s website.


#3.  Major changes to season and DMPs being issued.  WMU 3M will be Antlerless only for the first two weeks of deer season and all of Black Powder season.   WMUs  3K and 3J will still have antler point restrictions.  3M will have 42,900 DMPs to be issued with a High chance for both resident and non-resident license holders.  That works out to be 57.3 DMPs per mi2.    3 J will have a high chance for one DMP but preference points will be needed for 3P.  In 3K, only qualifying landowners (greater than 50 acres) and veterans with disabilities will receive a DMP.  (CLICK HERE FOR DMP Availability and Probability of Selection for all of NY.)  You can apply for leftover DMPs will begin on or around November 1 each year.

Southern Zone Dates:
Early Bow hunting        Oct. 1 to Nov. 20 (With Oct. 1 to Oct. 15 in 3M being doe only.)
Crossbow                        Nov. 7 to Nov. 20 and rest of Regular and Muzzleloading season.
Regular (Sat.)                 Nov. 21 to Dec. 13
Muzzleloading & Bow    Dec. 14 to Dec. 22 (3M being doe only)


Orange county WMUs, 3J, 3K, 3M, 3P with 3M being the largest.


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Open Judge positions in Orange County

Orange County will have 3 Judge positions open in the next election, two family court and one criminal court judge.  Orange County Court Judge Jeffrey Berry officially retired from his County Court Judge position at the beginning of June so his position is open but he resigned after the Democratic party had their county meeting so they have not officially endorsed anyone to fill his position.
Hon. Lori Currier Woods, (Family Court,) Her 10 year term is up and she is running for re-election.
Victoria Campbell earned the formal endorsement of the Orange County for another Family Court position.
Craig Brown earned the formal endorsement of the Orange County for a County Court position.
Another person is trying to primary for the Count Court position.
All of the petitions that were signed and turned in are being looked at this week.  We should know next week, barring legal actions, if anyone is going to face a Republican primary.
Running on the Democratic line for of of the Family Court positions is Maria Patrizio and Eric Shiller.
I am still trying to figure it all out who is running against who for what position but we will know next week when the results of all of the petitions are posted.

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NY State Police give out “assault weapons” registry numbers

The NY State Police gave out the numbers for the number of so called “assault weapons” registered and how many people registered them. 23,847 people have registered their a total of 44,485 weapons. Orange County is number 7 with 985 registering their guns. The first 10 are
1 Suffolk 3,865
2 Nassau 2,755
3 New York (Manhattan) 1,640
4 Erie 1,593
5 Westchester 1,498
6 Monroe 1,408
7 Orange 985
8 Onondaga 916
9 Dutchess 731
10 Saratoga 573
How local counties rate:
7 Orange 985
9 Dutchess 731
13 Ulster 463
15 Rockland 451
26 Sullivan 229
What is odd is that Manhattan and the rest of NYC are already under an AW Ban that is stricter than the state wide ban so the only way that the people could register their “assault weapons” is if they are keeping them outside of NYC. Also I did see a list that included “Pistols” and that is impossible because all handguns are already registered so you would not have to register them as AWs but under Pataki’s old AW ban you could not register AWs on you handgun license so you can not buy any handguns after the NY unSAFE act passed. I have talked to several “non gun” people who happen to own a few rifles or handguns for some reason so they said that they were just going to register all of their guns even though they told me that they only owned bolt action rifles or a standard Ruger 10/22. I wonder what the error rate is in registering non-assault weapons as assault weapons?

A great big thanks and job well done to Paloma Capana and SCOPE!!!!


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SCOPE ALERT, All hands on deck, full repeal of SAFE ACT!!!!!!!!!!

If we are ever going to have any leverage to get something done this is it!!! I listened to “The Call,” (a cable only NYC call in show on Time-Warner channel 1,) and you would not believe the people calling in whining about how they need rent control. Make sure you call the local office also.

Today is the day!

NYC rent control expired at midnight last night. Assemblyman Lopez has a Bill pending for FULL REPEAL of the “SAFE Act,” tied to rent control extensions – Bill A08215.

It’s up to us to make a mighty noise to the NYS Senate Republican Conference – NOW!

Call. Fax. Email. Doorknock at the Legislative Office Building. Demonstrate at the Senate chamber waiting area to greet them as they enter at noon. Make a phone video on your support for FULL REPEAL and post it to your Facebook page (mark it “public”), then message us so we can share it across to the SCOPE Facebook page. Like and share the SCOPE Facebook posts to spread the word.

The ask is simply this:
1 – NYS Senate “same as” Bill to the Lopez Assembly Bill A08215;
2 – NYS Senate immediate vote to pass the “same as” Bill.

Don’t have Senate telephone numbers? Each one is listed out on our SCOPE FB page. And here’s the link to the Senate directory on line:

Every hour matters and every voice matters. Make your voice heard for FULL REPEAL!

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Sheriff’s Department changes rules about “safety classes,” (I wonder why?)

I guess that I can start giving classes again.

Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Fwd: Instructors List

To All Current Instructors,

Due to certain developments this Office will, going forward, accept training certificates from instructors in addition to those on the approved and recommended list. Accordingly, you are no longer required to be on the list. Any Instructor that wishes to have themselves removed from the list please advise by return email.

For those that choose to remain on the list please be reminded that approval to be on the list should not be implied to the public that you, as an instructor, are affiliated in any way with the Sheriff’s Office other than having been approved to teach a prescribed syllabus that we have provided. To remove any confusion we have removed any reference to “certification” and replaced it with “approved”.

Everything else seems to be going well except that some Instructors are notifying our Office about their classes the day of or shortly after giving them. Please be reminded that timely notification to this Office of classes that have 3 or more students is a requirement and please be advised that timely is to be interpreted as at least 48 hours in advance.

Any questions? You may contact me directly at (845) 291-7693

KT Jones

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I’ve been busy.

I have been very busy the last few weeks.  I started on March 28th when I took the NRA-NMLRA Instructor Muzzleloading Rifle Class with Charles Provenzano at the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation in NJ.  I had a great time and it was a very good class.

From April 9th to the 12th I spent my annual 4 day weekend at the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Reservation.  I gave a BIT class on Friday, a Muzzleloading Rifle Class on Saturday and on Sunday I gave another BIT class.  It was a little cold but it was not quite as wet as it has been in the past two years but we had snow on the ground and the lakes were still frozen.

Sunday April 19th I took the NRA Instructors CF Reloading class with James Boyle at the Delaware Valley Sports Center, 101 Geiger Rd, Northeast Philadelphia, PA.  It was a good class and I had fun even though I was a little under the weather.  James is a great instructor and gives several classes including instructor classes because he is an NRA Training Counselor.

I have added Muzzleloading and Metallic Cartridge Reloading to my ratings.

April 25 and 26 I went to NYSRPA’s U. S. Service Rifle Small Arms Firing School at the Peconic River Sportsman’s Club in Manorville, NY.  I got to shoot a legal, registered AR-15 A-2 as part of the CMP program at 200 yard targets with iron sights.  I did good in prone, fair at sitting and “forget about it” in standing.  About 59 people attended and it seemed that they had almost that many people who volunteered to help in many ways including instructors, coaches and safety officers.  The volunteers all did a great job.  If you get a chance to go you should do it and bring your kids and better half’s also.  I saw many father/son and husband/wife students students.  It is worth it just to see the club grounds that the club purchased in the 70s from the Woolworth family.  The purchase also included some of the original animal mounts including a large elephant head.  The building was nice but not fancy, it looked like a typical hunting lodge but on a grander scale.  If you go I  suggest that you book a hotel room early for a cheaper price and to be closer to the club.  I waited and ended up having to spend $175 a night for a nice small two room suit with kitchen but I was not there to enjoy it and it was 20 minutes away from the club.  The cheapest hotels are still around $115 + tax if you book early and they are much closer and that helps because Saturday they start at 8 AM and Sunday they start at 7 AM.   Don’t forget to include the bad traffic on Long Island, it takes about 2 1/2 hours for a 1 1/4 hour trip Friday evening going and Sunday afternoon leaving.

200 yard prone with iron sights

50 foot 22 cal group prone.

50 foot 22 cal group prone.

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I forgot to update the information in January but here it is now.  The total number of new handgun licenses in Orange County was 1,601.  That number represented 134 fewer new licenses or a 7.8% reduction from the 2013 total number of 1,735.

Some interesting numbers:

Total number of new licenses from 2008 – 2014, (7 years,) is 8,547 for a 7 year average of 1,221.

Total number of new licenses from 1993 to 2007, (15 years,) is 6,690 for a 15 year average of 446.  This includes a large spike in 2001 and 2002 caused by NYC police officers who retired after 9-11 and live in Orange County.

That means that in the last 7 years Orange County has issued 1,855 more licenses that were issued in the previous 15 years.

While I don’t expect the numbers to stay this high over the long term, I do expect the numbers to stay around the 7 year average for  the next few years of between 1,100 to 1,400.  These numbers dispel the RECENT REPORT that the number of gun owners are on the decline at least in Orange County.  One of the few advantages of the NY handgun regulation is that we can tell how many new handgun owners apply for a license.  In most states anyone can go out and just buy a handgun but will need to apply for a license for a Concealed Carry License so you can’t tell from those numbers how many people are new handgun owner there are.  In NY we know by the number of new licenses how many new handgun owners there are because they could not have legally owned or purchased a handgun without a license.

  • 2014            1,601
  • 2013            1,735
  • 2012            1,346
  • 2011             993
  • 2010            1,170
  • 2009            1,000
  • 2008            700
  • 2007            508
  • 2006            454
  • 2005            446
  • 2004            422
  • 2003            431
  • 2002            600  (LEO retirement after 9/11)
  • 2001            508  (LEO retirement after 9/11)
  • 2000            374
  • 1999             326
  • 1998             308
  • 1997             432
  • 1996            341
  • 1995            463
  • 1994            508
  • 1993            569
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Make sure you attend the local Friends of the NRA Dinner on March 14.  Get your tickets on line at

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World Fishing & Outdoor Expo in Suffern, NY MARCH 7 & 8, 2015

I will be at the World Fishing & Outdoor Expo in Suffern, NY on Sat. and Sunday at the NRA booth (#828.) Stop by and say high. Saturday: 9:30am-7:00pm Sunday: 9:30am-5:00pm Show Admission Adults: $13.00 Exhibitors and Seminars

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The Orange County Sheriff’s department has now taken control over all Handgun Safety classes.

    In 2014 the Orange County Sheriff’s Department started offering a three hour “safety course” of their own design and the Undersheriff is now in charge of deciding who else is allowed to be instructors. The Sheriff department’s “approved instructors” are allowed to give a class but they must use the PowerPoint lesson plan that the Sheriff’s department created without any changes and they must issue a Sheriff’s department approves “Safety Class” certificate. THIS IS NOT AN NRA CLASS.
After January 1, 2015 all safety classes given for pistol applications in Orange County must comply with all of the new requirements that the Undersheriff has created.  Only approved Orange County Sheriff’s Department “Safety Class” certificates will be accepted when applying for a pistol license in Orange County.
Because I object to the new system and how it was implemented and submitted a 6 page letter outlining my concerns to the Safety Committee of the Orange County Legislature, the Undersheriff has decided that I am not a team player and will not be allowed to be an “approved instructor” so I will no longer be able to offer the class that I used to offer.
I contend that the Sheriff’s Department has no legal or moral authority to take over the list or even require a safety class for any pistol license applicant to be issued a handgun license.  The class that the Sheriff’s Department will not be accepted in any state that I know of, to meet the requirement of a safety class as part of getting an out of state license.  Normally only an NRA class or a class given by an instructor approved by that state are accepted to meet that state’s requirements so if you want to get a Florida license you will have to take an NRA class.
I will post links to the letter that I sent to the Safety Committee of the Orange County Legislature and minuets from the Committee meeting when they become available.
The Undersheriff has been very heavy handed in this.  When he had the original meeting with some of the Board Members of the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and myself, he told us what he would do and when he would do it.  At a second meeting at the Sheriff’s Department he did agree that he would not regulate how much we could charge and people who lived in Ulster and Sullivan county could apply to be approved instructors in Orange County.  The Undersheriff has never published all of the rules and regulations even to the instructors who took his required class.

I will still offer NRA Pistol classes to people or groups who have a pistol license and want or need the NRA class.  Please email to set up a class or for more information.

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