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NY State Police give out “assault weapons” registry numbers

The NY State Police gave out the numbers for the number of so called “assault weapons” registered and how many people registered them. 23,847 people have registered their a total of 44,485 weapons. Orange County is number 7 with 985 … Continue reading

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SCOPE ALERT, All hands on deck, full repeal of SAFE ACT!!!!!!!!!!

If we are ever going to have any leverage to get something done this is it!!! I listened to “The Call,” (a cable only NYC call in show on Time-Warner channel 1,) and you would not believe the people calling … Continue reading

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Big news on the FOIL request for number of registered “Assault Weapons”

I put in a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIL, to the NY State Police on June 19, 2013  to find out how many so called “assault weapons” had been registered as of that date.  I was denied that information, … Continue reading

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