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NRA Instructor Recruiters

Thanks for joining or renewing your NRA membership through my website.  I have moved up in the ranks and as of May 17th  I was listed as #5 NRA Instructor Recruiters. Thanks again and tell all of your friends to … Continue reading

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Microstamping Bill, A-1157A, passes the NY Assembly. has lots of info and some of the floor debate.  It looks a lot like the CA law , (signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger,) that was suppose to go into effect in 2010  but has not because the CA law … Continue reading

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Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the UN’s not out to get your guns!

From United Nations Want’s A Global Firearms Registration Computer – Posted on May 9, 2011 by admin United Nations Want’s A Global Firearms Registration Computer By Paul Gallant, Alan Chwick Joanne D. Eisen Scottsdale, AZ – -( A … Continue reading

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Backlog in Albany delaying issuing Handgun Licenses.

I just got the following email from Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois George – FYI – Office of Mental Health have had retirements and personnel changes, resulting in backlog of mental health checks.  I called all our assembly and … Continue reading

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I won gun #26

I was on vacation and stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg, PA.  While I was in the store I noticed that they were having some small seminars and as part of the seminar they were giving away some … Continue reading

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CoBIS finally makes the news.

Jacob at post a story about how CoBIS has failed.  Finally, it only took 10+ years.  NYSRPA has a press release HERE. Of course NYAGV and League of Women Voters and others still support expanding CoBIS to all rifles … Continue reading

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