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I got an 8 pointer finally.

I have spent a lot of time in the field, all of it hunting does, but this 8 pointer came along and because my freezer is almost empty,  I shot.  The buck had come up a small trail on my … Continue reading

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Still waiting to get my first deer.

I am holding out for a 8 pointer that was bedded down 57 yards from me on opening bow day.   I have passed on several does, too small, and could not get a good shot on 2 or 3 more. … Continue reading

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Ted Strong, Sky-diving legend dies in military accident.

I bought my first parachute from Ted Strong when I lived in Boston.  A modified military 7-TU.  that I picked up from his loft south of Boston in what I think was an X – military base/ warehouse.  I still … Continue reading

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AG Holder caught lying about Fast and Furious – Where is the press?

Holder gets caught lying so now he said that he did not understand the question.  I can understand why he could have been confused because it was such a complicated question.  ” When did you first know about … Fast and … Continue reading

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