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Today, Sat. 3/31/12 Newburg Mayor Judy Kennedy, Newest member of MAIG is on WGNY between 8am and 10 am

WGNY or 1220 on your AM dial from 8 AM to 10 AM.  845-561-9469 Call in and ask her about why she joined.  See past post Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy has announced her membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns UPDATE:  … Continue reading

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I just lost my job, CoBIS is gone.

One of my few claims to fame has been that I have been tracking CoBIS for all of the years, (11 years,) that it has been the law in NY.  How much money was wasted we will never know but … Continue reading

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Sat. AM Radio Shows

Don’t forget to listen to David Dirks on WTBQ from 7 AM to 8 AM for the latest on the local hunting, fishing and outdoor news.  It is the only outdoor radio show in New York.  He has some good … Continue reading

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NRA Instructor Recruiter, 10th in the nation

Well it was not #1 but 10th place is still better than 11th place and I got a nice letter and a certificate.  Thanks for everyone who signs up or renews their NRA membership with the NRA on my blog, … Continue reading

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New York: NRA Brief Defends Equal Rights for Part-Time Residents,

New York: NRA Brief Defends Equal Rights for Part-Time Residents On January 26, former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement filed the opening brief in an NRA-supported challenge to New York state licensing authorities who refuse to issue handgun permits to … Continue reading

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Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

I called into Tom’s show to ask a question and give out the numbers for the NY Pistol License Numbers.  I will add a link for the podcast when he post it. He always has a great show and today … Continue reading

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3rd Annual Sportsmen & Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day

(Ulster County Federation might have some seats leaving from Napanoch, NY  at $20 each.  See note at end of post.  CONTACT THEM ASAP!!!) 3rd Annual Sportsmen & Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day Sponsored by NYSRPA and Assembly Minority Leader Brian … Continue reading

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New NY Pistol Licenses from 2002 to 2011, Explain This Brady Bunch

As in a previous post, I noted the the Brady bunch is going around saying that their are no new gun owners, only old gun owners buying more guns.  In NY state you are not allowed to even touch a … Continue reading

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New CoBIS numbers

At the end of February, 363,450 guns were in the CoBIS system with a waste of over 225,294 State Police man-hours wasted.  We are still waiting to see if Cuomo is really going to end CoBIS in the final budget.   … Continue reading

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Who said that their were fewer gun owners?? The Brady Bunch!

NY requires a license to even hold a handgun much less purchase a handgun so we can tell by the increase of new licenses how many new handgun owners their are in NY.  Not just gun owners who bought new … Continue reading

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