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Author’s Talk: “The Gun Debate” at Cooper Union’s Rose Auditorium, 5/8/14

Thanks to Lewis, who gave me a heads up, I took the train into NYC  to attend the event at the Frederick P. Rose Auditorium.  “Economist Philip J. Cook and political scientist Kristin A. Goss discuss the issues, slogans and … Continue reading

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PA NOW recognizes UT permit. UPDATE

THIS HAS CHANGED.  PA MADE A NEW AGREEMENT SO GO TO THE PA PAGE TO LOOK UP THE NEW LAW. UPDATE:  The PA AG page finally has some information about this.  I don’t know what the changes in the UT … Continue reading

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START UP NY -Who are those people?

We know that the New “StartUPNY” program is a farce with the main goal of helping Cuomo get re-elected.  The whole idea is to offer a 10 year tax free, including personal income tax, offer to people stupid enough to … Continue reading

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