The Great American Outdoor Show report and I won another gun

The NRA hosted “The Great American Outdoor Show” between February 1-9, 2014 in Harrisburg,  PA.  I talked Ralph into going with me to keep me awake and as a back up driver and on Tuesday, between snow storms, we drove the 3 1/2 hours to Harrisburg.  The show opened up at 10 am and we arrived around 10:30.  All of the close parking lots were full so we had to park in an off site parking lot, $8, but they had lots of school buses running people back and forth so we only waited about 5 minutes to get a bus for the 5 minute ride back to the front door of the fair grounds so the $8 was worth it. The show is massive and we spent most of our time wandering around getting lost inside of the many buildings.  Several times when I wanted to go back to see something, I could not find my way back so next year I am going to have to plan better and mark my map as I go.  I got to say HI to Cam Edwards of the Cam & Company show on NRA News who was live casting from the show.

All of the major gun makers and accessory equipment sellers were at the show along with lots of smaller companies.  You could not buy any guns or ammo and walk out the door with them but they had lots of places to spend money including a small NRA store that had all of their decals and other small items along with clothing that you might want to try on before you buy.  One building had mostly guns and related items, one building had all archery, one building had fishing stuff and one building was mostly related to hunting guides and hunting packages from around the world and they had several more building with other stuff.  The show was just too big to cover here, all I can say is that we were walking around for 8 hours and I don’t think that I walked past half of everything.  They had an airsoft range set up with several shooting lanes and Pyramyd Air had a nice airgun range set up with about 10 or more positions and lots of different long guns and handguns to shoot.  As is normal, I entered every contest that I saw and I got a call on 2/12/14 from Pyramyd Air telling me that I had won their grand prize, a .22 Cal Marauder along with an Benjamin Hand Pump       When I was talking to the lady from Pyramyd Air I mentioned that we were having our local Friends of the NRA Dinner on March 1st and asked her if she has a few of their water bags that they might want to donate.  She came through in a big way and I can say that most of the people who come to the dinner will get one of these water bags.  They are really great.  Normally when I go in the woods I take a hard plastic bottle or one of the cheap water bottles.  The problem is that the bottles all stay the same size no matter how much water is in them and the cheap water bottles can make a crunching sound when ever you move or use them alerting the game.  The Pyramyd Air water bags are reusable and made up of a thick Mylar type of plastic so they don’t make any sound, they collapse as you drink the water and they are rectangular so they can fit in your pocket or you can hang them on you belt or vest with the supplied carabiner.

All in all a great item to take with you in the woods.  Again, thanks to Pyramyd Air not only for having a great range at the show but also donating in a big way to our local Friends of the NRA Dinner.

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