Guillain-Barré, Miller Fisher Syndrome, my story.

I have taken all of the blog post off the blog about my experience with  Guillain-Barré, Miller Fisher Syndrome and I have made a page just for it at this link,  It is a little long at almost 6,000 words and not a great story but if you are looking up Guillain-Barré or Miller Fisher Syndrome this is some of what I went through.  If you have read it, please leave me a comment even if it is just to say that you read it.  I have seen many stories over the past few years and all I can say is I have not seen two that are the same other than the major symptom of paralysis and even the degree of paralysis can vary from person to person.  Recovery is the same with some people only needing a few months for an almost total recovery to those who never recover.  I don’t really think that everyone recovers 100% but some people come close but it might take a while.  A few constants have been everyone has a problem with fatigue, memory and mental focus but for how much and for how long is different for everyone.  I know that everyone would like this to be an illness like many others where you can predict with a high degree of certainty what will happen and what to do and what to expect.  This just ain’t that type of illness.

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