Washington DC CCW on Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio has great coverage of the Washington DC decision on 7/26/14, that requires DC to adopt a “shall issue” license and allow non residents to carry concealed in DC.  The Judge did issue a “stay” that delays the implementation of the decision for 90 days to give DC the time to appeal and to come up with new laws, rules and regulations.  The main point is that this is a summary judgement so that means that the judge said that the law banning CCW, no matter what level of review you use, is so unconstitutional on its face that a trial is not even needed.

AAR 7-27-2014 Hour 1
AAR 7-27-2014 Hour 2
AAR 7-27-2014 Hour 3

HUGE Victory in Washington, DC!  Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation joins me to discuss the latest court decision in our favor.  Dr. John Lott follows up Alan’s appearance with discussion of the case.  The Roundtable, fun as usual with David Codrea and the return of The Mad Ogre, George Hill, Grilling While Armed recipe and and Seanto!  Enjoy!

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