I am going Guest Host on WTBQ, Sat. 9/20/14

David Dirk is on assignment and has asked me to cover for him on Saturday, 9/20/14, while he is away.  The show, “Dirk’s Outdoors Radio Show” on WTBQ, is the only outdoor radio show in NY. WTBQ is a locally owned AM/FM station that is “Radio Worth Listening To”, and broadcasts a mix of local and national talk, news programs and music all night long!

You will have to tune in early to catch the show because it is on from 7 AM to 8 AM.  It is a call in show so if you want you can call in and ask a question.  (845-651-1110)  You can find WTBQ at 1110 AM and 93.5 FM dial or you can listen on the internet or go to their website and down their APP to your Cell or Tablet.  I listen using TUNEIN RADIO.

Upcoming events and other topics.  The recent Orange County Federation Dinner, hunting season, and The FLEA MARKETS AT SHAWANGUNK FISH AND GAME
37 Denman Rd., Middletown, NY 10940

New ATF Form 4473 you now have to say what race you are.


My first guest will be Dennis McConnell from the Westchester Retriver Club, Inc.  and member of the Board of Director of the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen’s clubs, Inc. and the Westchester Retriver Club. The Westchester Retriever Club hosts weekly retriever field training sessions for WRC members and their guests at Stewart State Forest, Newburgh.  Dennis is going to talk about what dog training and what field trials are and how you can get involved. Dennis and his wife have owned and trained golden retrievers for 25 years and he has been active members of WRC for close to 20 years. Dennis is a past president of WRC and the Garden State Golden Retriever Club, Inc. and they have focused on trying to encourage golden owners to keep the original “breed purpose” alive in goldens.

My second guest will be Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the NRA.  We are going to talk about some of the hot topics from the recent BoD meetings and what’s going on in NY with the unSAFE act, the elections and other topics.

Listen in and catch the show and a big thanks to David Dirks for letting me guest host the show and to Frank Truatt and the WTBQ gang for having such a great radio station.

Post a comment if you want to ask questions.

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