I’ve been busy.

I have been very busy the last few weeks.  I started on March 28th when I took the NRA-NMLRA Instructor Muzzleloading Rifle Class with Charles Provenzano at the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation in NJ.  I had a great time and it was a very good class.

From April 9th to the 12th I spent my annual 4 day weekend at the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Reservation.  I gave a BIT class on Friday, a Muzzleloading Rifle Class on Saturday and on Sunday I gave another BIT class.  It was a little cold but it was not quite as wet as it has been in the past two years but we had snow on the ground and the lakes were still frozen.

Sunday April 19th I took the NRA Instructors CF Reloading class with James Boyle at the Delaware Valley Sports Center, 101 Geiger Rd, Northeast Philadelphia, PA.  It was a good class and I had fun even though I was a little under the weather.  James is a great instructor and gives several classes including instructor classes because he is an NRA Training Counselor.

I have added Muzzleloading and Metallic Cartridge Reloading to my ratings.

April 25 and 26 I went to NYSRPA’s U. S. Service Rifle Small Arms Firing School at the Peconic River Sportsman’s Club in Manorville, NY.  I got to shoot a legal, registered AR-15 A-2 as part of the CMP program at 200 yard targets with iron sights.  I did good in prone, fair at sitting and “forget about it” in standing.  About 59 people attended and it seemed that they had almost that many people who volunteered to help in many ways including instructors, coaches and safety officers.  The volunteers all did a great job.  If you get a chance to go you should do it and bring your kids and better half’s also.  I saw many father/son and husband/wife students students.  It is worth it just to see the club grounds that the club purchased in the 70s from the Woolworth family.  The purchase also included some of the original animal mounts including a large elephant head.  The building was nice but not fancy, it looked like a typical hunting lodge but on a grander scale.  If you go I  suggest that you book a hotel room early for a cheaper price and to be closer to the club.  I waited and ended up having to spend $175 a night for a nice small two room suit with kitchen but I was not there to enjoy it and it was 20 minutes away from the club.  The cheapest hotels are still around $115 + tax if you book early and they are much closer and that helps because Saturday they start at 8 AM and Sunday they start at 7 AM.   Don’t forget to include the bad traffic on Long Island, it takes about 2 1/2 hours for a 1 1/4 hour trip Friday evening going and Sunday afternoon leaving.

200 yard prone with iron sights

50 foot 22 cal group prone.

50 foot 22 cal group prone.

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