SCOPE ALERT, All hands on deck, full repeal of SAFE ACT!!!!!!!!!!

If we are ever going to have any leverage to get something done this is it!!! I listened to “The Call,” (a cable only NYC call in show on Time-Warner channel 1,) and you would not believe the people calling in whining about how they need rent control. Make sure you call the local office also.

Today is the day!

NYC rent control expired at midnight last night. Assemblyman Lopez has a Bill pending for FULL REPEAL of the “SAFE Act,” tied to rent control extensions – Bill A08215.

It’s up to us to make a mighty noise to the NYS Senate Republican Conference – NOW!

Call. Fax. Email. Doorknock at the Legislative Office Building. Demonstrate at the Senate chamber waiting area to greet them as they enter at noon. Make a phone video on your support for FULL REPEAL and post it to your Facebook page (mark it “public”), then message us so we can share it across to the SCOPE Facebook page. Like and share the SCOPE Facebook posts to spread the word.

The ask is simply this:
1 – NYS Senate “same as” Bill to the Lopez Assembly Bill A08215;
2 – NYS Senate immediate vote to pass the “same as” Bill.

Don’t have Senate telephone numbers? Each one is listed out on our SCOPE FB page. And here’s the link to the Senate directory on line:

Every hour matters and every voice matters. Make your voice heard for FULL REPEAL!

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