NY State Police give out “assault weapons” registry numbers

The NY State Police gave out the numbers for the number of so called “assault weapons” registered and how many people registered them. 23,847 people have registered their a total of 44,485 weapons. Orange County is number 7 with 985 registering their guns. The first 10 are
1 Suffolk 3,865
2 Nassau 2,755
3 New York (Manhattan) 1,640
4 Erie 1,593
5 Westchester 1,498
6 Monroe 1,408
7 Orange 985
8 Onondaga 916
9 Dutchess 731
10 Saratoga 573
How local counties rate:
7 Orange 985
9 Dutchess 731
13 Ulster 463
15 Rockland 451
26 Sullivan 229
What is odd is that Manhattan and the rest of NYC are already under an AW Ban that is stricter than the state wide ban so the only way that the people could register their “assault weapons” is if they are keeping them outside of NYC. Also I did see a list that included “Pistols” and that is impossible because all handguns are already registered so you would not have to register them as AWs but under Pataki’s old AW ban you could not register AWs on you handgun license so you can not buy any handguns after the NY unSAFE act passed. I have talked to several “non gun” people who happen to own a few rifles or handguns for some reason so they said that they were just going to register all of their guns even though they told me that they only owned bolt action rifles or a standard Ruger 10/22. I wonder what the error rate is in registering non-assault weapons as assault weapons?

A great big thanks and job well done to Paloma Capana and SCOPE!!!!


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