Open Judge positions in Orange County

Orange County will have 3 Judge positions open in the next election, two family court and one criminal court judge.  Orange County Court Judge Jeffrey Berry officially retired from his County Court Judge position at the beginning of June so his position is open but he resigned after the Democratic party had their county meeting so they have not officially endorsed anyone to fill his position.
Hon. Lori Currier Woods, (Family Court,) Her 10 year term is up and she is running for re-election.
Victoria Campbell earned the formal endorsement of the Orange County for another Family Court position.
Craig Brown earned the formal endorsement of the Orange County for a County Court position.
Another person is trying to primary for the Count Court position.
All of the petitions that were signed and turned in are being looked at this week.  We should know next week, barring legal actions, if anyone is going to face a Republican primary.
Running on the Democratic line for of of the Family Court positions is Maria Patrizio and Eric Shiller.
I am still trying to figure it all out who is running against who for what position but we will know next week when the results of all of the petitions are posted.

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