Open letter to those who don’t support my lawsuit.

These are some of the bills in the NY legislature this year calling for mandatory safety classes and I am sure that none of the people who wrote the bills know I have a lawsuit.  These bills and similar bills like them have been in the NY legislature for decades so me winning or losing my lawsuit will not have any impact in their quest to add some type of safety class requirement.  The safety class requirement is common in many states that issue CCW licenses and even if I win my lawsuit, Judges will still be able to require a safety class AFTER a license has been issued.  The only thing my lawsuit will do if I win is what the NRA supports; no one should be required to take a class BEFORE they are issued a pistol permit.  Also the local Sheriff’s Department or County Pistol License Office can’t have additional requirements on who can be an instructor past what the law states or what class they have to teach or what instructors can be on a public list.

The only thing that prevents these and many other bills being passed is if the Republicans lose control of the NY Senate or they decide that they have to “compromise” like they did with the unSAFE Act.  When the Republicans lose control of the NY Senate, and that is a matter of when not if it will happen, NY will have 50 cal gun bans, waits, mandatory insurance, micro-stamping, required storage with possible spot inspections by the police, licensed long guns, much higher fees, additional gun and ammo taxes, limits on the number of guns you own, additional requirements for people that own too much ammo or reload or have an “arsenal,” one gun a month or three month laws and that is just for individuals.  Gun stores can expect videotaping of all gun and ammo sales, additional storage requirements and alarm requirements, additional training and background checks, limits on where a gun store can be located; among other requirements.  (Did you know your gun store is located less than 1,000’ from a park or playground, school, day care center or church?)

A00198 Creates a firearm proficiency requirement examination for the licensing of persons to carry or possess a firearm

19    (i) a written section on the laws relating to firearms;

20    (ii) a physical demonstration of proficiency in the  use  of  firearms

21  and in firearms safety procedures;

22    (iii)  a  level of knowledge concerning a licensee’s duties, responsi-

23  bilities and liabilities pursuant to this chapter and civil statutes  of

24  the state of New York and of the United States;

1    (iv) a level of proficiency in firearm safety.

A00283Relates to a firearms safety course certificate for license applications made outside of the city of New York

15    (l)  [in  the  county of Westchester] outside of the city of New York,    16  who has successfully completed a firearms  safety  course  and  test  as    17  evidenced  by  a certificate of completion issued in his or her name and    18  endorsed and affirmed under the penalties of perjury by a  duly  author-    19  ized  instructor,

NOTE: NY PL 265 Definition 19 currently defines who is a “duly authorized instructor” and it does not include the local Sheriff’s Department but does include the NRA and DEC instructors.

  19. “Duly authorized instructor” means (a) a duly commissioned officer  of the United States army, navy, marine corps or coast guard, or of  the  national  guard  of the state of New York; or (b) a duly qualified adult  citizen of the United States who has been granted a  certificate  as  an  instructor in small arms practice issued by the United States army, navy  or  marine  corps,  or  by the adjutant general of this state, or by the  national rifle association of America, a not-for-profit corporation duly  organized under the laws  of  this  state;  or  (c)  by  a  person  duly  qualified and designated by the department of environmental conservation  under  paragraph  d  of  subdivision  six  of  section  11-0713  of  the  environmental conservation law as its agent in the giving of instruction  and the making of certifications of qualification in responsible hunting  practices.

  • A05785Requires persons possessing any firearm to hold a firearms safety certificate (NOTE:  The certificate is only good for two years so you would have to take the class every two years.)

21    (9) He or she possesses a firearm, not being the  holder  of  a  valid    22  firearms  safety  certificate  issued pursuant to section 400.15 of this    23  chapter.    24    § 2. The penal law is amended by adding a new section 400.15  to  read    25  as follows:     1  § 400.15 Firearms safety certificate.     2    1. For the purposes of this section:     3    (a)  “Commissioner” means the commissioner of the police department of     4  a city having a population of one million or more.     5    (b) “Sheriff” means the sheriff of the county in  which  an  applicant     6  resides, except in a city having a population of one million or more.     7    2.  No  person  shall  possess  a  firearm  unless such person holds a     8  firearms safety certificate issued pursuant to this section.     9    3. Every person applying  for  a  firearms  safety  certificate  shall    10  submit  an application to the sheriff or the commissioner if such person    11  resides in a city with a population of one million or more.  Such appli-    12  cation shall be in such form and content as shall be established by  the    13  sheriff or the commissioner, and shall include:    14    (a) the applicant’s name, address, residence telephone number, gender,    15  race,  height,  weight, date of birth, citizenship, thumbprint and driv-    16  er’s license or non-driver identification card number;    17    (b) the applicant’s signature; and    18    (c) an oath that all information in the application is  true,  subject    19  to the penalties of perjury.    20    4.  The  course  of  instruction for the issuance of a firearms safety    21  certificate shall include the successful completion by the applicant of:    22    (a) not less than five hours of classroom instruction on:    23    (i) the safe use and handling of firearms;    24    (ii) the methods for safely storing and securing firearms, and keeping    25  children safe when such weapons are present; and    26    (iii) the applicable federal, state and local  laws  relating  to  the    27  purchase, sale, possession, transportation and storage of firearms;    28    (b)  not  less than two hours of live firing instruction at a shooting    29  range using the type of firearm the  applicant  anticipates  purchasing,    30  possessing or acquiring; and    31    (c)  a  safe-handling  of  a firearm demonstration as attested to by a    32  duly authorized instructor.    33    5. Every firearms safety course, for the completion of which an appli-    34  cant is granted a firearms safety certificate, shall be approved by  the    35  sheriff  or the commissioner and shall be conducted by a duly authorized    36  instructor. The sheriff or the commissioner may,  for  the  purposes  of    37  firearms  safety  courses  required  by  this  section,  provide for the    38  approval of firearm safety courses required or provided for pursuant  to    39  any federal or state law.    40    6.  Upon  the  successful completion of a firearms safety course by an    41  applicant, the duly authorized instructor of such course  shall  provide    42  the  applicant  with  a  signed  affidavit  attesting to the applicant’s    43  successful completion of the course. Such affidavit  shall  include  the    44  name,  address  and  telephone number of the duly authorized instructor;    45  the name of the applicant; and the dates and places that the course  was    46  conducted.    47    7.  Upon  receipt of the affidavit required by subdivision six of this    48  section, the applicant shall submit a copy  of  such  affidavit  to  the    49  sheriff  or  the  commissioner  and he or she shall administer a written    50  examination, established by  him  or  her,  demonstrating  knowledge  of    51  firearms safety and laws applicable to firearms.    52    (a)  A firearms safety certificate shall be issued to an applicant who    53  scores seventy-five percent or higher on such examination.    54    (b) If an applicant fails such written  examination,  he  or  she  may    55  retake  such  examination  at  least  twenty-four  hours  after  a prior    56  attempt. The same version of such written examination shall not be given        A. 5785                             3      1  to an applicant upon any two consecutive takings thereof.  No  applicant     2  shall  be  offered  the written examination more than three times. After     3  the third failure by an applicant, he or she shall be required to  again     4  successfully  complete  the requirements of subdivisions four and six of     5  this section.     6    (c) Applicants may be charged a fee to cover the costs of  administer-     7  ing the written examination.     8    8. Upon successful completion of the requirements of subdivision seven     9  of  this  section by an applicant, the sheriff or the commissioner shall    10  issue such applicant a  firearms  safety  certificate.  Firearms  safety    11  certificates  shall  not be transferable. The holder thereof shall store    12  such certificate in the place where his  or  her  firearms  are  stored,    13  except that such certificate shall be carried on the person of the hold-    14  er  if a firearm is possessed outside of the holder’s residence or place    15  of business. Upon request of a police officer, a firearms safety certif-    16  icate shall be displayed by the holder to such officer.    17    9. Every firearms safety certificate issued pursuant to  this  section    18  shall  be  valid  for  a  period  of  two years, and may be renewed upon    19  completion of the requirements of this section.    20    10. No person shall sell or transfer possession of a  firearm  to  any    21  person who does not hold a firearms safety certificate.    22    11. A firearms safety certificate shall be revoked:    23    (a) for the violation of any provision of law relating to firearms;    24    (b) for fraud, misrepresentation or bribery in the application for and    25  issuance of the firearms safety certificate;    26    (c) if the holder is disqualified from possessing a firearm; or    27    (d)  the  occurrence of any circumstance which would have disqualified    28  the holder from being issued a firearms safety certificate.    29    12. This section shall not apply to:    30    (a) police officers as defined in subdivision thirty-four  of  section    31  1.20  of the criminal procedure law, or retired police officer, who upon    32  separation from a law enforcement agency  was  immediately  entitled  to    33  receive  retirement benefits pursuant to the retirement and social secu-    34  rity law or the administrative code of the city of New York;    35    (b) peace officers as defined in section 2.10 of the  criminal  proce-    36  dure law;    37    (c)  licensed  manufacturers, transporters and sellers of firearms who    38  possess such weapons for purposes of wholesale or  retail  sales,  while    39  engaged in the scope of their licensed activities;    40    (d) nonresidents of the state participating in any lawful recreational    41  firearms  related  activity, and while in the course of traveling to and    42  from such recreation activity; or    43    (e) any person who temporarily possesses a firearm in the residence or    44  place of business of the holder of a firearms  safety  certificate,  and    45  such  possession  occurs  in  the  course of using deadly physical force    46  authorized by article thirty-five of this chapter.

  • A05788Establishes a safety course requirement for firearm license

(l) [in the county of    13  Westchester,] who has successfully completed a  firearms  safety  course    14  and  test  as  evidenced by a certificate of completion issued in his or    15  her name and endorsed and affirmed under the penalties of perjury  by  a    16  duly  authorized  instructor,  approved  by  the superintendent of state    17  police except that:

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