Anti-Bloomburg OK Bill S856, text

This is an Anti-Bloomburg law for Oklahoma.  If Bloomburg tries to pull one of his “sting” operations in OK, he can be arrested under section D.  The “Fraudulent Firearms Purchase Prevention Act”, passed unanimously in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

By: Russell, Brecheen, Brinkley and Shortey of the Senate and  Wesselhoft, Reynolds, Ritze and Kern of the House

An Act relating to firearm transactions; defining terms; making certain conduct between persons and licensed dealers or private sellers unlawful; providing applicability to other persons under certain circumstances; providing exception; providing penalties; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

(in part)
B.  Any person, who knowingly solicits, persuades, encourages or entices a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition to transfer a firearm or ammunition under circumstances which the person knows would violate the laws of this state or the United States is guilty of a felony.
C.  Any person who provides to a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition what the person knows to be materially false information with intent to deceive the dealer or seller about the legality of a transfer of a firearm or ammunition is guilty of a felony.
D.  Any person who willfully procures another to engage in conduct prohibited by this section shall be held accountable as a principal.
E.  This section does not apply to a law enforcement officer acting in his or her official capacity or to a person acting at the direction of such law enforcement officer.
F.  A violation of this section is punishable by a fine not to exceed Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), a term of imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections not to exceed five (5) years, or by both fine and imprisonment.
SECTION 2.  This act shall become effective November 1, 2011.

I hope more states pass laws like this.

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