I want to apologize for not posting more.  Lots of stuff is going on but I have not been feeling well and I have had a lot to do and it is hunting season though some of my hunting time has really been napping time.  I got to shoot 3 deer so far.  The 8 pointer that I took with a bow.  A spike that I did not know was a spike and a doe that I gave away.  Still doing some hunting but not much.  I have wood to cut and split and other pre-winter chores.  Lots to talk about but not much time.

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  1. Michael R. Kubow says:

    Recently NYS A. G. Eric

  2. Wileec129 says:

    Schneiderman’s accusations of catching “Gun Dealers” selling guns at Gun Shows is false! None of the people arrested and charged were licensed dealers, contrary to what was printed in the Buffalo News. None of them rented tables for the show. This is a blatant attempt to put NFC Shows out of business and shut down gun shows in New York. If you will a NYC type of “Fast and Furious”

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