More on the end of CoBIS or NY’s Failed Gun DNA program

The devil is in the details and it is important that the law that Gov. Mario Pataki had passed in 1999 is totally removed from the books.  It is not enough that the program is defunded, all of the law must be totally removed from the books.  Maryland defunded its CoBIS program but left on the books the requirement that the fired brass still be sent in.

Jacob J. Rieper of fame sent me the bill and it does totally remove the whole section of the law that created CoBIS.

    1    Section 1. Section 396-ff of the general business law is REPEALED.
    2    S 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

It can not get any better than that. CoBIS ends and as soon as the bill is signed.

CLICK HERE for a link to the original bill that passed from my report on CoBIS.

One word about the people who have worked on this program.  They did the best that they could do to make the program work.  They did work long and hard hours making sure that all of the police departments in NY knew about the program and they figured out how to legally compare the data in CoBIS with other federal databases and did everything else to try to make the program work.

No, it was not the people who worked on the program that caused the failure and yes, it was partly the failure of the technology but even more than that, it was the (anti-gun,) philosophy of the politicians that forced on us a program that was designed to fail from the beginning.  (At the beginning, even I thought that one or two crimes would be solved.)  More than that, it is the failure of the politicians to listen to and look at a program that is a failure and then refuse to end it because of their anti-gun philosophy.  I remember them telling me after 2 years it would take 3 years to get a hit, then at 3 years they said it would take 5  years and at 5 years they said 7 years and at 7 years they said 9 to 10 years.  Even today they have bills,  S-1467/A-4025, that would add all long guns to the CoBIS data base.

This is not the first year that bills have been introduced to end the program and nothing has changed in the last six years to show that the program was a failure that did not exists for the first five years of the program.  I can almost understand someone voting for the bill with the hope that it would work but after five years, the only reason that the program remained, (and was passed in the first place,) was that the anti-gun politicians just want to do everything that they can to have gun control regulations, no matter how bad it fails.

We wasted about $20 million the first five years but why did we waste the additional $10 to $20 million over the next 6 + years?  More than the money is the hundreds of thousands of man hours that have been wasted when real crimes could have been solved and real criminals caught if they could have spent their time working on what they are suppose to work on rather than tracking guns legally sold, legally purchased and legally owned.  It will be interesting to see who votes against the repeal of CoBIS.

Good luck to those who have worked on the program in their new jobs with the department.  We  know that no matter where they are assigned, they will finally be able to contribute to the health and safety of the citizens of NY State.

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