More on the end of CoBIS

The newest numbers are in and the number of guns in the database is up to 356,631. TOTAL GUNS SOLD IN 2011: 53,190, (UP FROM 24,622 IN 2004)
Jacob Rieper over at has a new post about the details. (That does include police departments.)

The Assembly “yellow book” analysis of the Governor’s proposed budget has been posted.  It is interesting that it assumes repealing CoBIS would give only a $200,000 savings.

I don’t see how they can say that it will only save them $200,000 a year when they have had up to 15 people working on the program even if many of the people were only spending some of their time on CoBIS.  Several years ago when I talked to someone at DCJS they said my numbers of from $2 to 4 Million a year were way off because they  were only spending about $1.5 Million a year on the program.

Jacob also has a blog on the reaction of one of the NY Assembly members who is all for CoBIS.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s shill Michelle Schimel is upset that Gov. Cuomo’s budget proposal for for eliminating CoBIS and using the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) instead.  From Newsday, “Critics: Cuomo plan would hurt crime-fighting“:

How is the program ending going to “hurt crime-fighting” when they have never solved a crime with the program?

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