NRA Instructor Recruiter, 10th in the nation

Well it was not #1 but 10th place is still better than 11th place and I got a nice letter and a certificate.  Thanks for everyone who signs up or renews their NRA membership with the NRA on my blog, my website or the gun show website.

For those of you who have not joined the NRA and other 2nd Amendment groups thanks for nothing.  A lot of people have been working very hard without your help.  Just how have things changed in the last few decades.




Just look at what the US looked like in 1986 as far as concealed carry.


Now look what it looks like in 2011.  Who do you think turned all of those Red No Issue states and Yellow May issue states into Blue Shall Issue and Green  Constitutional Carry states?  The NRA and all of the local NRA affiliated state groups who have worked to have all of the pro-gun laws passed.  Who pays for it all? We don’t have a George Soros or Mayor Bloomburg  and the Joyce Foundation to pay for everything, it is up to us and that includes joining the NRA.  Join and stay informed and quit complaining when someone does something that you don’t approve of 100%.  I don’t see you having 4 million people joining you.  I don’t see 3,000 + people going to Albany to hear you speak.  No, I see the NRA and Wayne giving a speech in the well of the Assembly building. To see this map in motion, just go to:
and thanks to gun-nuttery for putting this together.

UPDATE: 1/22/13  THE ONLY RED STATE IS NOW GOING AT LEAST YELLOW. Illinois concealed carry ban tossed by federal appeals court  Court gives state 180 days to pass concealed carry law.

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