Sat. AM Radio Shows

Don’t forget to listen to David Dirks on WTBQ from 7 AM to 8 AM for the latest on the local hunting, fishing and outdoor news.  It is the only outdoor radio show in New York.  He has some good guest that range from local like me or anywhere from around the country.  I might even call in and you can also.  Listen on line or 93.5 FM or 1110 AM.

After that or if you don’t get up that early you can catch Micheal Mazzariello on WGNY or 1220 on your AM dial from 8 AM to 10 AM. You might have seen him on TV, he had his own show for a while.   Don’t hold the fact that he is a lawyer against him but you can hold the fact that he is a 3/4 liberal with a little anarchist thrown in who tries to pass himself off as a “republicrat.”  He is a 2nd Amendment supporter and that is something good to say about him and he is right about a lot of things.  Call in, please call in, I hate to always be the only one from the right.

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