Turkey Season Starts, Sunday 5/1/11

Turkey season starts on Sunday and it is lots of fun but remember some of the most important rules.  (If you have any other ideas, add a comment.)

  1. You can’t stalk Turkeys.  They hear too well and see even better.  The only thing you are stalking is another hunter.
  2. Don’t shoot unless you really see a turkey.  Hunters get shot every year by hunters who stalk and end up shooting another hunter sitting on the ground and calling or they shoot at another hunter walking through the woods by where they are sitting.
  3. Don’t move.  I know that you can not see through the woods but a turkey is much lower to the ground and they can see under stuff that you can’t and they have much better eye sight.  How do you think they live so long with all those other animals out to eat them.
  4. Wear Orange going in and out but not while hunting but if you take a turkey don’t just throw it over your shoulder to carry it out.  Put it in something. (Don’t walk around in an open field in hunter orange calling turkeys.  You train the turkeys to not come to a call.)
  5. Sit up against something big and don’t move and if you do move, move very slowly.  Turkeys are very quiet, move slowly and look a lot.  Use a blind if possible.  I have one of the chairs that has a blind attached.
  6. No matter what you do, the turkey will never come in from the direction that you think it will come from.
  7. Don’t expect to get a turkey very often.
  8. Don’t be late, be quiet and don’t talk.



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