Brian Mahe, Mayor of Village of Walden, resigns from MAIG

When I posted a list of local Mayors who were members of MAIG on 3/3/12, I did not know that Brian Mahe, Mayor of Village of Walden, had already submitted his resignation from MAIG.  (Other ANTI-GUN members of MAIG in Orange County)  He must have mailed in his letter a while ago because his name is no longer on the MAIG list of member Mayors.  It normally takes a long time before MAIG drops a Mayors name for any reason. (Freeland Borough, PA’s Mayor Tim Martin died from esophageal cancer on September 2, 2010? Yet, amazingly, Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition still claims him as a member on their website as of November 8, 2011.)  Brian first sent the letter in early February and then again on March 3 and finally march 20th they finally acknowledged it after his 3rd contact.  While we wish that people would know enough to never sign up, the pitch from Bloomburg does sound good and as Newburgh’s Mayor Kennedy said when I asked her why she joined, “Who is for illegal guns?”

Brian Mahe is also going to be running as a Republican in the redistricted 101st NY Assembly District.  CLICK HERE FOR HIS WEB SITE.

This is the letter he sent to MAIG.

To whom it may concern:

In 2009 I signed on for Mayors Against Illegal Guns based on a common sense opposition to illegal weapons being circulated in our communities. As Mayor of a densely populated village, crime reduction is always a top priority. After much deliberation, it is my opinion that your organization’s means toward an otherwise noble outcome cannot be executed without what many view as unconstitutional methods.

Until it becomes apparent to me that Mayors Against Illegal Guns can support efforts to oppose criminal possession of illegal weapons without infringing upon the rights of legitimate gun owners, as a staunch second amendment supporter, I hereby withdraw my membership from this organization and request that my name be removed from your website and any other organizationalpublications that utilize it. While I dissolve my affiliation with Mayors Against Illegal Guns as an organization, I will continue to work with local law enforcement to reduce crime in a way that best protects the individual liberties of law abiding citizens.
Mayor Brian Maher
Village of Walden

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