Don’t forget to listen and call in to the local radio shows on Saturday.

Sat.  7am to 8am, Dirk Outdoors Radio Show on WTBQ  David has the only weekly outdoor show that we know if in NY.  He is a Guide and does it all.  He has written several books and has a website,,  and he also has a weekly column in The Times-Herald Record.  He really got people upset with his last column, Trout-stocking scheme is a failure, where he complained about how the stocked trout get dispersed into the streams and lakes. He can complain but the answer is more people showing up to help stock the fish.  Any where from 30 to  2 people show up at the 7 stocking locations and they are expected to carry 5 gallon buckets of fish and water out to the streams.  Now the DEC does have a water cannon that they do put some fish out with but most of the fish end up in a bucket being carried by 60 or 70+ year old men many with back and other problems.  While he did give the volunteers, or “hardy souls,” some credit, he should have said that what we need is to have more younger people to show up to help.  You teach your kids to fish, well teach them to help also.  The volunteers are mostly from the Orange County  Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs so contact them if you want to help.

After that or if you don’t get up that early you can catch Micheal Mazzariello on WGNY or 1220 on your AM dial from 8 AM to 10 AM. You might have seen him on TV, he had his own show for a while.   Don’t hold the fact that he is a lawyer against him but you can hold the fact that he is a 3/4 liberal with a little anarchist thrown in who tries to pass himself off as a “republicrat.”  He is a 2nd Amendment supporter and that is something good to say about him and he is right about a lot of things.  Call in, please call in, I hate to always be the only one from the right.  Last week I called in and asked Newburg’s new mayor, Mayor Judy Kennedy, why she joined NYC’s anti-gun Mayor Bloomburg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  “Who is for illegal guns?” was her answer.

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