Mike Wallace – Supported Brady – Made fun of Charlton Heston

I just finished listening to a talking head on TV talking about Mike Wallace.  I don’t know who he was but he said that Wallace always told the truth and Wallace never had to apologize for a story.    From Media Research Center:

CBS’s Mike Wallace: Too Many Minutes of Liberal Bias

In part :      Celebrity Journalists Gather to Help Left-Wing Anti-Gun Group. Can you imagine the National Rifle Association hosting a fundraiser that’s emceed by PBS’s Mark Shields, featuring CBS’s Mike Wallace and former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, supported by Walter Cronkite and current personalities at CNN and NBC News? Probably not. But a liberal group that champions more gun control, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, will be doing just that in hosting an 80th birthday party fundraiser for humorist Art Buchwald in September in Washington at the French embassy.
See the July 12, 2005 CyberAlert: www.mediaresearch.org

When Cam Edwards from NRANEWS.com questioned CBS about Walllace’s apperance at the fundraiser and use of the tape, this was their reply.

“We allow CBS correspondents to speak at various functions and occasionally show video. We have strict regulations that if a CBS correspondent becomes identifiable with one side of a controversial issue, they will not be allowed to cover that issue in the future.”

CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE – E-Mailbag: Taking Aim At Mike Wallace And Guns


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