CoBIS finally makes the news.

Jacob at post a story about how CoBIS has failed.  Finally, it only took 10+ years.  NYSRPA has a press release HERE.

Of course NYAGV and League of Women Voters and others still support expanding CoBIS to all rifles and shotguns.   The LWV is still pushing their anti-gun agenda and they have several items on their May 20-22, 2011 Biennial Convention including

a. Gun control laws in NYS
Submitted by the following League(s): Rochester Metro Area

An update is a study of limited scope to re-evaluate a position in light of new information, changed
circumstances and/or a conflict with another position. The aim is to consider position changes.
3. Revise Last paragraph of gun control position regarding the 2nd Amendment –
Submitted by the following League(s): Saratoga County

Please note this additional item on the Women Voters of Saratoga County web site:

May 19, 2011
7:00 p.m. Guns N’ Roses: Why the League Supports Gun Control

Robyn Ringler will present an educational session on gun control. She will review the history of gun control legislation in America, provide some statistics about gun violence in America, discuss her personal experience nursing President Reagan after he was shot, and discuss current advocacy efforts. Ringler is a nurse, lawyer, writer and blogger, and the owner of East Line Books in Clifton Park

Dutcher Community Room
Saratoga Springs Public Library

Google Robyn Ringler and you will find that she is active in the anti-gun movement.

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