Forum in NYC at John Jay College on Friday, June 8, 10:30 AM

John Jay College of Criminal Justice will have a forum on Friday, June 8th at 10:30 AM. entitled, “Weapons, Trauma, and Critical Incidents; Is Gun Control an Answer?”  The forum is open to the public. John Jay Criminal College is located at 445 West 59th Street off 10th Avenue.  I will be going, email me at if you are going.

Panel 28: ACIA Track – Weapons, Trauma, and Critica l Incidents:
Is Gun Control an Answer?
9.64 – 9th Floor Conference Room
Chair: David E Dirksniel Feldman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York
Microstamping to Identify Perpetrators of Critical Incidents of Handgun Violence
Michelle Schimel, New York State Assembly/New York State Chapter of State Legislators
Against Illegal Guns, New York
How State and Federal Law Could Reduce Critical Incidents of Gun Violence
Jackie Hille, New Yorkers against Gun Violence, New York
Curbing Handgun Violence: A Political Challenge
Richard Aborn, New York City Citizens Crime Commission, New York
The Second Amendment’s Role in Reducing Critical Incidents of Gun Violence
David Jensen, Attorney, California

ACIA stands for Academy for Critical Incident Analysis

What is Critical Incident Analysis?  A critical incident is a relatively brief occurrence involving injury, loss, conflict, discovery or change of significant proportion, usually unscripted and unanticipated, with the potential to alter existing societal norms. Critical incidents are usually traumatic, threatening the bonds of trust that bind communities, but may be positive, initiating historic consequences.  (



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