Walker’s Game Ear Sale

Walker is having a Sale on the Digital HD Pro and Digital HD Comm behind the ear units.  The HD Pro were on sale for $180 or more on the internet  and all of the COMM units on sale that I looked at on the internet were around $280 or more.  They are selling the units for $150 plus a few bucks for shipping. I bought 2 of the Comm units because I have the RINO 120 that I use when hunting.  If you hunt with one or more people, the Rino line of FRS/GMRS radios plus GPS navigator are really great to have.  You have to call 877-269-8490 and ask for Jake.  Tell him George sent  you.

Walker’s Digital HD Comm (wireless communication) increased hearing up to 9 times with 50 decibels of power. The Digital HD Comm model not only offers the Adjustable Frequency Tuning circuit for fine tuning the frequency range but also allows for wireless communication when used in conjunction with any FRS or GMRS two-way radios with external mic ports.

Walker’s Digital HD Comm device includes a Sound Activated Compression circuit that when combined with the ear plug design protects hearing from loud sounds such as muzzle blasts. The Noise Reduction Rating of 29 decibels is among the highest in the industry. Each BTE unit also weighs less than 1/4 ounce – so light you hardly notice it – and wears comfortably behind the ear even when wearing glasses.
– High-Definition Digital Sound Reproduction
– Delivers More Distortion-Free Sound
– Quiet Performance with Less Circuit Noise
– Increased Sensitivity Equals Better Hearing
– More Accurate Sound Reproduction
– Ergonomic Design is More Comfortable
– Design Offers Wind Noise Reduction
– #13 Battery
Includes: High Definition Digital HD Comm – w/Wireless Communicator PTT Mic. Loop Single Prong SoundTube Earplug #13 Battery

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