Catch up post – DEC anounces Youth Gun Hunt Columbus Day Weekend -MAIG Funding – Federation Dinner Sept 29th – New Orange County Pistol Permits to set new record – My KC trip

  • The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has confirmed that junior hunters ages 14-15 will be able to hunt deer during a special youth firearms deer season over Columbus Day Weekend this year, October 6 through October 8, 2012.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK – the press release has not been posted yet  Double check BEFORE you go out.  Unless the bill that passed the Assembly and Senate IS NOT signed or has been changed, if Gov. Cuomo signs the bill, the youth hunt will be not be held.
  • Who is funding MAIG?  It looks like in 2010 it was only Bloomburg.  So much for a grass roots group.
    From the MAIG tax exempt filing.
    Annual Filing for Charitable Organizations  2010
    During the year ended December 31, 2010, the Fund received $2,550,000, or approximately 99.97%, of the contribution and grant revenue reflected in the accompanying statement of activities from one donor.
    Who is(are) the other idiot(s) that donated the remaining 0.03% or $765. How can the press ignore that MAIG is a one man group and others join because he gives many of them money for their election.
  • The Orange County Federation is having its annual dinner on Sept 29th.  Click here for more info.  I hope to win another gun.
  • It look like New Pistol Permits in Orange County will set a record for the most new permits in one year.  It will top 1,200 and might approach 1,500 because of some changes made at the Sheriff’s Department that broke a NY State caused backlog.
  • I am getting ready to go to Kansas City, KS to take the Training Counselor course again.  Wish me luck.


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