Way too busy & Big Apple Friends of the NRA.

I have been way too busy to keep up with the blog but I am back on track now.

Hunting season has started but I have still not had that much time to hunt.  I have seen does but nothing to shoot at. All does with fawns are no shoots as are 6 point or less bucks.

I went to the “Big Apple Friend’s of the NRA”  dinner and while I did not win much I did get a thermos that is black that I will put to good use.  I did have fun and got to hang out with some nice people.  They did have some NY legal rifles but the wall of guns were pictures only.  All of the handguns were in locked plexiglass cases.  They had some real good deals on the silent auction tables with many items not even getting the minimum.  Some of the auctions items did not sell either.  I hope to go back next year.  I want to thank Lance for putting together such a great event.  (I will not hold it against him that he won 3 guns, including one winning ticket that I pulled.)  Some pictures:

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