Backlog in Albany delaying issuing Handgun Licenses.

I just got the following email from Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois

George –
Office of Mental Health have had retirements and personnel changes, resulting in backlog of mental health checks.  I called all our assembly and senate members May 4, and followed up with letter May 6.  NYS Sheriff’s Association was on top of it also.  Hopefully the issue is resolved.  The following is an email from NYSSA to all Sheriffs.
Sheriffs and Undersheriffs:
Just about every Sheriff who contacted us about mental health pistol permit checks confirmed that substantial delays have occurred recently.  We understand that due to budget cuts, the employee who mainly handled these -and did a great job at doing so- retired.  Sheriff Carl DuBois contacted his Assembly representative, and she has confirmed that the position has been filled and hopefully the backlog will be eased soon.

Gun permit backlog could ease, says Gunther May 11, 2011

ALBANY – Persons applying for gun permits must wait for background checks to be completed by the state Office of Mental Health, and that wait appears to have gotten longer and longer.

After learning of a backlog of about 265 applicants in Orange County alone from Sheriff Carl DuBois, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D-Forestburg) inquired of the state agency as to what the problem was.

The answer, she learned, was that the person responsible for the investigations had retired and there was a gap in time between the retirement and reassignment of those duties, crating the backlog. It is being remedied, she was assured.

“Short staffed agencies in Albany have a tremendous impact at the local level,” Gunther said. “Every day my office receives calls from constituents who are being affected by staffing cuts, whether it’s the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Office of Mental Health.”

Carl sent me this news article to share:

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