Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the UN’s not out to get your guns!

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United Nations Want’s A Global Firearms Registration Computer
By Paul Gallant, Alan Chwick Joanne D. Eisen

Scottsdale, AZ – -(Ammoland.com)- A legally binding, global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is being prepared in the back rooms of the UN.

One goal of the Treaty’s proponents is to create national weapon databases, leading to regional databases, and then to an eventual global database.

Countries will be charged with the duty to keep track, not only of all transfers, but also of the locations of all arms and ammunition, from manufacture to destruction. A UN discussion paper states “the advent of modern information technology… promises to be a boon to the establishment of an effective tracing system in many States.” But it will take a “global harmonized system of electronic registers” before the firearm-prohibitionists are satisfied.

The expectation for these databases is to provide the ability to trace weapons that have been used either by criminals or tyrants to commit crimes, in order to ensure that these people are caught and brought to justice.

Preventatively, tyrants with a history of human rights abuses will be denied access to weapons. Or so we are told.

The Treaty will cover seven categories of conventional weapons, which include aircraft and large artillery systems, plus small arms and light weapons (SALW), plus ammunition, or “7+1 +1.” Here, we concentrate only on small arms and light weapons. We will need hardware and software that has the capability to deal with the estimated world stockpile of 875 million firearms.

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