I was in the Times Herald-Record on 1/26/13

This is the quote:

     The new laws have George Rogero of Orange County NY Shooters fuming, even as they’ve brought in new students for his NRA handgun safety class.  “You mean the New York give ­up- your rights act?” he said. “I have yet to talk to anybody who knows about this who’s willing to comply.
Rogero said he’s already giv­en classes to more people so far in January than he did in half of 2012, and the number of class­es he’s given has tripled since 2005.  “Our rights have been in­fringed. I can’t go out and buy certain guns that are legal in other states,” Rogero said. “They lied to us before. ‘We’re not going to take your guns.’ Well, tell that to New York City. You took their guns.”

What I really said:

     They lied to us when they passed the Pataki AW Ban.  They told us that we would be able to keep our guns and not register them.  Now they pass a new law that does just that.  We are not stupid.  We can look at NY City and see what is coming next.  ALL LONG GUNS HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH A LARGE ($140 FOR 5 YEARS,) FEE.  NO LONG GUNS THAT LOOK INTIMIDATING.  $340 EVERY 3 YEARS FOR A HANDGUN LICENSE TO KEEP A HANDGUN IN YOUR HOUSE. HANDGUN LICENSE ONLY VALID IN THE COUNTY YOU LIVE IN. NO CCW.
As they passed the bill many of those who voted for the bill said that the bill did not go far enough.  That they had much more to do.


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