Pro-anti-gun-NY SAFE act protest

The Legislative Gazette had an article, Million Moms tell tales of gun violence, Applaud Legislature for SAFE Act. 

One Million Moms for Gun Control’s New York chapter took to the Million Dollar Staircase last Tuesday to show their strong support of the new SAFE Act.

Members of the group shouted their support for the Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature for passing what they call “common-sense” gun regulations. At the same time, outside the Capitol, protestors admonished the bill for infringing on Second Amendment rights.

If you look at the picture that they posted, you can see that they had less than 100 people, more like 45 people, while the group outside in the cold and the rain had up to a thousand people  Another notable item in the picture is the “MOVEON.ORG” banner.  Where did they come from?  They are pulling out all of the radical liberal groups to try to show some/any support for Dictator Cuomo’s radical anti-gun agenda.  I wonder who paid them to show up?

THIS IS  THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE  (They are happy that they  are close to 200 LIKES.  They have 198.)

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