SEIU Bus to Albany – NEVER MIND

1199SEIU was going to have buses going from NYC, LI and White Plains to Albany to counter-protest in support of Cuomo’s new NY un-SAFE laws.  They changed their mind for some reason.  Quite possibly because they did not have anyone that really wanted to go or because some of the pro-2nd Amendment people were planning to take the bus  or because they did not think that the photos of who they were going to have vs who we were going to have might bring out even more of us.  It also might be the SEIU people just don’t like to be outside in the cold.

I called SEIU’s headquarters and talked to someone who said that “they” had a meeting Sunday and decided to “postpone” their demonstration in support of NY’s  un-SAFE laws.  She said that she did not know who was in the meeting but it sounded like SEIU was not really calling the shots.  Organizing for Action., Barack Hussein Obama II renamed election team had a hand in the event. but if you go to the website using the url for the event you now get: “The URL you clicked references an event that does not exist. This event may have existed at one time but been subsequently deleted.

From looking on the Organizing for Action Facebook page, they are trying to support all gun control laws in the country.

SEE:  Pro-gun-law forces cancel showdown,  By FREDRIC U. DICKER
SEE:  Democrats Plan to Pay Second Amendment Protesters Gets Shot Down for another article that has screen shots of the SEIU websites.

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