NYAGV gets new paid leader.

Unlike most of the local and state pro-2nd Amendment organizations, the astro-turf groups like New Yorkers Against Gun Violence have to have paid leaders. NYAGV just hired a new “top gun” or should I say new “top anti-gun” leader, Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett. Ms. Barret is originally from Maryland.

“In 2003, after the murder of her brother, Ms. Barrett became the Executive Director of CeaseFire Maryland, where she led lobbying, communication and community outreach efforts for the Maryland state-wide gun violence prevention group.”

Like most anti-gun groups, they have almost no paying members and depend on grants from anti-gun organizations and individuals like Soros and Bloomburg along with member grants from the NY legislature to provide money to pay the rent and salaries. A few years from now when we can look at the tax records, we might be able to find out who is footing the bill. (It is not like pro 2nd Amendment groups who get some of their funding from when individual people order items online and “round up” to the next dollar with the money being donated to support our rights.)

NYAGV’s 990 form form from 2010 showed that the last director, Hilly, got $49.920 for 24 hours of work a week. (But less than the $50,000 that Colin Weaver got that year for the same 24 hours of work.) That is a good chunk of the $131, 706 that they paid in total salaries and compensations for that year. The only thing that I could find on Ceasefire Maryland showed that in 2005 they less than $50,000 income, the last year Leah was with them, so this has to be a big step up for Leah. I wondered how the Board of Directors was chosen for NYAGV so I called their phone number, 212-679-2345, and ended up asking the person on the phone how the Board of Directors are chosen. The woman was very short with me and wanted to know who I was and why I was asking the question. She told me that they did not give out that information. (It is public information so I don’t know why she would not tell me.) I forgot to get her name and so I called her back and found out that it was the new XO, Leah herself after I gave her my full name. (I was kinda disappointed that she did not already know my name.) Leah’s full time job is at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs as Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs, where she, “provides academic advising on the core requirements in the MIA and MPA two-year degree programs. She is responsible for International Travel Policies for students travelling (sic) abroad and advises the Columbia University dual-degree students.”¬† (If you are one of her students you might not want to talk about how much you like hunting.)

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