I Attended NRA Instructors Camp

NRA Instructors Camp. ( I am 2nd from end on the Right, kneeling, with the light hat.)

April 26, 27 & 28, I attended an NRA Instructor Camp at the BSA Ten Mile River Scout Camp.  It was cold and wet but we had a great time and we graduated 28 new NRA Instructors to work with the Boy Scouts.  We had a Shotgun Instructor camp that I attended and a Rifle Instructor  camp.  It was a “cut no corners” instructors class with Harry Clark as the Head TC.  (Harry did a lot of hard work and had everything totally together for the camp.  My hat’s off to him along with the other instructors, Tom, Russ, Glen and Tony.)  It was a guys only, no frills camp and we stayed in the barracks and bunk beds that the Boy Scouts stay in.  (Things did improve on Sat. when I turned on the hot water heater in our cabin. The Sat. AM cold shower was not fun.)  We started Friday evening and 7:15 AM on Sat. and Sunday.  We stayed past midnight on Friday and Sat. and finished on Sunday after 4 PM.  I brought my computer and projector so I gave the BIT class.  I have to say that it was a great group and everyone was nice and willing to work hard and to get along.  I was really impressed.   The other instructors did an excellent job and I had a great time and hope to work with the group again.  I also picked up my Shotgun Instructor Rating so I can now give Shotgun Instructor Classes.  I hope to start giving instructor classes by the end of the summer.

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