Great American Weekend, Goshen, NY 7/ 6&7 / 2013

UPDATE:  I had a good time but Sunday was cut short by two hours because of some lightning and some light rain but it looked like it could get much worse.  Saw a lot of old students and sold some NRA, NYSRPA memberships and a OCFSC raffle tickets.  The only down side was the woman from NYC who was selling hats next to me who was the typical snotty NYC person who could never live outside of NYC because of NYC’s superior lifestyle and you guessed it, a big nOboma supporter.

I have a spot at the Goshen event again this year.  Everyone is there including all of the politicians. both elected and those running for office for the first time and for reelection. I am at slot #120 on the Park St. side of the park.  Stop by and say HI or to give me a break selling NRA memberships and OCFSC raffle tickets.  I really like the layout of the booth.

They have lots of stuff to buy; crafts, food, hats, t-shirts, pictures, … you name it.  Lots of fun for everyone.  They even have kiddy rides so bring the whole family.  They will be open on Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

My booth at the Great American Weekend.

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