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Long time anti-gun Assemblyman Karim Camara is holding an event, “Emergency Summit …”  at John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2013 from 9AM to 1 PM.  The event is sponsored by Camara &  Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.  I am planning to go.  It should be fun.  I am driving so if anyone wants to go, send me an email.


UPDATES:  I will be adding links to some of the speakers:

Professor David Kennedy; Op-Ed: Another kind of gun control; instead of doomed legislation, focus police and social services on ‘hot’ groups and places. MY SUMMARY:  Why fight over politics and new gun control laws that normally don’t work.  Instead, focus on the people and groups who are doing most of the shooting and where, (or hot spots,) all of the crime is going on.

Michael Skolnik; Political Director to Russell Simmons and Co-President of globalgrind.com.  Just totally anti-gun.

Shanduke McPhatter;  Executive Director/ Founder at Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc.  Ex-blood who decided he did not like to be in prison and wants to turn the youth around.  (Skip the first 1:30)

Pastor Gilford Monrose, Lead Pastor at Mt.Zion Church of God 7th Day and President at 67th Precinct Clergy Council, Inc.
Allen James; Program Manager, Save Our Streets Crown Heights;
Jackie-Rowe Adams; Co-Founder of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. (Stop Another Violent End);  Why guns in school will make it worse, Fox News, 4/2/13  Just totally anti-all guns.  Jackie Rowe-Adams says armed guards will bring more tragedy, will not make schools safer and will distract from school work.  She was the one who joined the NRA so she could confront Wayne LaPierre at an annual meeting.  She lost 2 children to shootings.

Jim St. Germain; Youth Activist; Jim St. Germain, a former student who grew up in Crown Heights and was incarcerated at the age of 14, said programs like Passages can make a huge difference for teens running out of time to turn their lives around. “Looking back at it now, it was actually the best thing in my life,” said St. Germain, who is now 23 and preparing to enter law school after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science from John Jay College.
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  1. Pastor Donald Sadler says:

    Oh, How I wish I could be there! There will such a misrepresentation of the urban community because no one will speak the truth too that community. They have been so filled with lies by these bogus mouth pieces that they have bought into the whole false solution that’s being promoted. Gun buy backs, which protect potential criminals from prosecution. “You don’t need a gun you have the police”, guns aren’t safe they’re killing our kids”, “we need more laws to protect us against the NRA allowing guns in our community so we can kill each other off”. It goes on and on and I am sick and tired of them getting away with the media hype they receive that continues to push their false information while the innocent continue to get mugged and rapped. And now after the GZ acquittal they are selling the SYG boycott and lie and so many are confused and lost about the truth. These race, haters and baiters must be confronted with sound documented truth that will expose them for who they truly are!!!

    God Bless you and if at all possible maybe we need to begin to set up debates in the urban communities with these so called fighters of justice…I have great people that can defend the argument of a urban need for self protection and they can’t say they don’t look like them or come from their communities. I am a black American from the South Bronx and Harlem, yes I live in the county now, but it lends to my argument. Why living around more guns now than where I grew up, I don’t see the same amount of killings that I saw in areas where there were more laws and less guns? Could it be the old adage is true, “An arm society is a polite society.”

  2. James Patterson says:

    Aug 6th is on Tuesday, I hope you don’t miss it.

  3. Ben Gardiner says:

    “EMERGENCY SUMMIT ON REDUCING GUN VIOLENCE IN NEW YORK’S URBAN COMMUNITIES”???? I thought His Excellency the Governor solved that problem with his EMERGENCY passage of the so-called SAFE ACT back in January. I thought that was the be all and end all………….The Left Wing Assault of the Bill of Rights Continues.

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