Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Westchester, Putnam and Rockland* Counties Judges require that anyone who wants a handgun license needs to take a safety class.

My class  starts at the beginning with the basics and work up to the ammo, types of handguns and other topics.  I also cover in detail NY law, registration, restrictions, amendments and other topics.

To register for a class, just go to my main website OCShooters.com and click on the date that you want to send me an email.  If you get several people who want to take the class with you, I will also come to your house to give you the class.  For more info go to http://ocshooters.com/Hand/myclass.htm.

*Rockland County also requires a safety class but they only accept the class given once a month by their Sheriff’s Department.  I took the class and it is horrible and totally a wast of time.  The person who taught the class was a nice guy and pro gun but like other classes that are given by police officers, too much police and not enough safety and handgun information.  If you have proof that you took the Rockland County class, let me know when you register and I will give you a discount.

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