These two websites offer more detailed information and personal experiences
about getting a pistol license in Nassau County.
Nassau Pistol License Web Page
     Get Information on how to get a pistol license in Nassau.  Includes directions, laws, and images of all forms.  Links to local and statewide gun resources.  Know the facts before you go!
     Michael B. Justice has just put a web page on line with information for those who live in Nassau County.  He has covered everything that you need to know about getting a handgun license in Nassau and has downloaded all of the forms and handbooks. It is a very good site and even if you do not live in Nassau County it is worth the look to see what they have to put up with.
CLICK HERE TO VISIT Nassau Pistol License Web Page
Pistol License in the Nassau County, NY
or Adventures of a Gun Owner Moving from IL to NY 
     Vladimir Kushnir has put together a page that gives information and what he had to go through when he moved into NY State and what he had to go through to get his license.  His main web page is: 
Vladimir's Right to Self-Defense Page
    This is only a general outline about getting a pistol license in Nassau County.  Any information can change at any time.  If you see or know of any errors please e-mail me.

    Nassau County has made up several rules that are not covered in state law and have had state law changed just for Nassau County.

Special laws in PL 400 covering Nassau County:

 5. Filing of approved applications. The application for any license, if  granted, shall be filed by the licensing officer with the clerk of the county of issuance, except that in the city of New York and, in the counties of  Nassau and Suffolk, the licensing officer shall designate the place of filing in the appropriate division, bureau or unit of the police department thereof, ...
10. License: expiration, certification and renewal.  ...  In the counties of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester, any license to carry or possess  a  pistol  or  revolver,  issued  at  any time pursuant to this section or prior to the first day of July, nineteen hundred  sixty-three and not limited to expire on an earlier date fixed in the license, shall  expire  not more than five years after the date of issuance;
14. Fees. ...  In such city, the city council and in the county of Nassau the Board of Supervisors shall fix the fee to be charged for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver and provide for the disposition of such fees. ...
  What that means:
(Are your starting to get a feeling that the powers that be in Nassau County really do not want you to go to the trouble of getting a license and if you do they want you to pay through the nose for it.)

HANDOUTS    When you get your application you will be given three handouts.

    1. USE OF DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE EXCERPT    This is a copy of some specific definitions and sections of Penal Law 35.00 consisting of PL35.15, 35.20, 35,25 and 35.30.  You can look this up on the web but I do like that they give this out.  They do not offer any additional explanations so you are on your own to figure out what it means but it is fairly straight forward.
    2. PISTOL LICENSE INFORMATION HANDBOOK  This book covers all of the rules and regulation that you will need to know to correctly fill out your applications.  It list Types of Licenses & Restrictions; Duties and Responsibilities of a Pistol Licensee; Incidents Requiring Immediate Reports to the Police Department, Pistol License Section; Purchasing Firearms; To Sell or Dispose of Firearms; To Cancel a Pistol License; Address Change; Business Name Change; Name Change; Lost or Stolen Firearm; Lost , Stolen or Mutilated License; License Renewal and Grounds for Suspension/Revocation.
    3. APPLICATION PACKET consisting of:
      • Instructions.  (Instructions on how to fill out your applications and special requirements that Nassau County has.)
      • NY State Pistol License Application.  (Standard NY State Form.)
      • Release letter for the NY State Office of Mental Hygiene*.  (Part of the investigation.)
      • Pistol License Declaration Form*.  (You have to sign that you have been given the instructions, handbook and PL 35 excerpts; that you understand the law and some other special rules.)
      • Nassau Pistol License Applicant Questionnaire.*  (A duplication of the State form with some additional questions that are not justified and should not disqualify you from having a license such as have you received a traffic summons in the last 5 years or do you have epilepsy.)
      • A notice saying that the pistol license takes 6 months.  "DO NOT CALL!"
      • Reference questionnaire*. (A general form with some simple questions that your references must fill out such has how long they have known you, are you of "good moral character", relationship to applicant, does the reference have a pistol license.  This form must be signed by a Notary.)



       Nassau County has some special requirements that are not covered by state law and are not required by most other counties.  Some of them are:

For more information contact:
Pistol License Section
Records Bureau
Nassau County Police Department
1490 Franklin Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501
(516) 573-7559
(516) 573-7562