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under PL S265.20 (f)

(Don't just give it away, find out what it is worth.
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    Some people call it Gun BuyBack Program and other people call it a Gun Buy-Back program but no matter how you spell it none of the gun buyback programs have any impact on crime. The only reason that a criminal would ever turn in a gun is that they need to find a safe way to get rid of a gun that they have used in a crime. Most of the GUN TURN IN PROGRAMS allow a criminal to turn in a gun without giving their identification so that if a criminal kills someone with a gun, the criminal can turn in the gun and never be worried that the gun will be traced back to them.
     Some police departments have had trouble with these "Gun BuyBack" programs when officers have been too tempted when someone unknowingly turned in a gun worth thousands. Rather than being destroyed, the guns have either been taken by the police or the police have substituted a gun of much less value and taken the gun worth thousands home.
     Most of the guns turned in are guns that someone might have had for decades and have never been used in a crime. A gun that is in the attic that has been passed down from grandpa or grandma might look like they are worth nothing but they might be worth thousands. Most Gun BuyBack programs do not pay you any money for your gun or if they do they only pay you a small amount, normally around $25 to $50.  Unless you have a gun that has been illegally modified, (see #2 below,) you should always sell your gun to an FFL or another person who can legally own a gun.  Many old guns that you think are junk are worth $75 to $100 but a few are worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!!  Why give away a gun for nothing or just a few pennies that might be worth thousands and should be saved just for historical reasons?  The following are some pictures of guns that were for sale and the price that they were selling for.

Gun BuyBack Old 1911

Selling for  $6,950

Gun Buy-Back Old Volcanic

Selling for  $10,500

Gun Buy Back Remington 22 cal

Selling for $500

Gun BuyBack
Selling for $4,000

Gun Buy-Back
Selling for $1,099

Gun BuyBack shotgun
Selling for $800


What do you NOT need to turn in.

     Any normal shotgun or rifle that you can legally own.  You can keep the gun or sell it to an Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, (or FFL aka gun dealer,) or someone who can legally own it or give it to a local gun club or pro-gun group.

What guns do you have to turn in to the Sheriff's Department? (In NY State.)

  1. Any handgun that you do not have a license for.  You can turn the handgun in and have it transferred to an FFL for resale.  (You still get to keep the money.)
  2. Any type of gun that has been illegally modified to turn it into an illegal firearm such as defaced serial numbers, barrel shortened to an illegal length or a gun that has been modified to fire in full automatic fire.  (Some old guns do not have serial numbers or they are hard to find so just because it does not have a serial number does not mean that you should turn it in.)
What do you do to turn in a gun.
  1. Make sure that the gun is unloaded and secure. (If you do not know how to do this call an FFL or someone you know who can do this for you. What ever you do KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, KEEP THE GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.)
  2. Get the make model and serial number of the gun(s). (Some guns, especially long guns, that are old do not have serial numbers.)
  3. Call the the Orange County Sheriff's Office at 291-7687 to arrange an appointment. They will give you additional instructions.
  4. When you turn in the gun(s) the Sheriff's Department will give you a receipt. (See below.)
  5. If the gun is legal, you can arrange for it to be transferred to an FFL.
What happens next?

     If you do not want the gun(s) back the Sheriff's Department will destroy the gun after one year. If you do want the gun back, they will hold the gun(s) for you until you can arrange for them to be transferred to an Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, (aka gun dealer.)

     Contact a gun dealer. This type of thing is common and most gun dealers or FFLs have done this in the past. They will be able to tell you what the guns are worth. Do not just think that a gun is junk. Some of those old handguns from W.W.II that someone might have are worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! The chance of you having one is small but most decent guns are worth at least a few hundred dollars and are worth the effort.

Who are the local FFLs?

S 265.20 Exemptions.
a. Sections 265.01, 265.02, 265.03, 265.04, 265.05, 265.10, 265.11, 265.12, 265.13, 265.15 and 270.05 shall not apply to:

(f) A person voluntarily surrendering such weapon, instrument, appliance or substance, provided that such surrender shall be made to the superintendent of the division of state police or a member thereof designated by such superintendent, or to the sheriff of the county in which such person resides, or in the county of Nassau or in the towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip and Smithtown in the county of Suffolk to the commissioner of police or a member of the police department thereof designated by such commissioner, or if such person resides in a city, town other than one named in this subparagraph, or village to the police commissioner or head of the police force or department thereof or to a member of the force or department designated by such commissioner or head; and provided, further, that the same shall be surrendered by such person in accordance with such terms and conditions as may be established by such superintendent, sheriff, police force or department. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as granting immunity from prosecution for any crime or offense except that of unlawful possession of such weapons, instruments, appliances or substances surrendered as herein provided. A person who possesses any such weapon, instrument, appliance or substance as an executor or administrator or any other lawful possessor of such property of a decedent may continue to possess such property for a period not over fifteen days. If such property is not lawfully disposed of within such period the possessor shall deliver it to an appropriate official described in this paragraph or such property may be delivered to the superintendent of state police. Such officer shall hold it and shall thereafter deliver it on the written request of such executor, administrator or other lawful possessor of such property to a named person, provided such named person is licensed to or is otherwise lawfully permitted to possess the same. If no request to deliver the property is received by such official within two years of the delivery of such property, such official shall dispose of it in accordance with the provisions of section 400.05 of this chapter.


Firearm Receipt, Orange County Sheriff's Office.


     Many people move into NY State and bring with them guns that they legally owned in the state where they came from. Most people have no idea that NY does not let anyone own any handgun just to keep in their home or to go hunting or target shooting with. (NY is the only state that I know of that does this.) Once they are in NY and find out that they are breaking the law they don't know how to "MAKE THEM LEGAL." The same section of the law that covers turning in a firearm covers you also. S 265.20 Exemptions. (f) A person voluntarily surrendering such weapon

  1. Don't bring the handguns into NY if you can avoid it. Leave the guns with someone you trust who can legally keep the guns in the state where you came from or in a state that is close to NY like NJ. or PA. After you get your license you can pick up the guns or have them shipped to a NY FFL.
  2. If you have the gun(s) in NY then read the section above about "HOW TO TURN IN A GUN under PL S265.20 (f)." After you turn in your guns you can then turn in your application. After you get you license you can then pick up your guns.

William Jenack Auctioneers

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