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OCFSC's Annual Dinner
October 9th, 2004
Shooting Leagues have started. Fall Shooting Leagues have started.
Kerry is pro-gun/hunting/fishing in letter to the editor Kerry is pro-gun/hunting/fishing in letter to the editor
Costume gets kid cuffed, Pine Bush senior had replica of Civil War musket for re-enactment Costume gets kid cuffed, Pine Bush senior had replica of Civil War musket for re-enactment
OCFSC Dinner a big success OCFSC Dinner a big success
RUDY VALLET passed away on 10/2/04 RUDY VALLET passed away on 10/2/04
George Rogero, Webmaster, receives award from SCOPE George Rogero, Webmaster, receives award from SCOPE


NY DEC anounces impact of Hurricane Ivan on NY's Pheasant stocking program NY DEC announces impact of Hurricane Ivan on NY's Pheasant stocking program
Pataki Vetos mandatory wearing of Orange Bill Pataki Veto's mandatory wearing of Orange Bill
SCOPE holds Annual Dinner SCOPE holds Annual Dinner


NRA Endorses George W. Bush for President NRA Endorses George W. Bush for President
California Attorney General Bill Lockyer sees promise in laser etching all ammoCalifornia Attorney General Bill Lockyer sees promise in laser etching all ammo
Handgun Control, (aka Brady Center,) looses lawsuit against Ruger Handgun Control, (aka Brady Center,) looses lawsuit against Ruger
Bush Challenged on D.C. Gun BillBush Challenged on D.C. Gun Bill
Pols vow to revive gun ban , Taking on assault rifles Polls vow to revive gun ban , Taking on assault rifles
New NRA mascot? New NRA mascot? (Does Kerry's own an AK-47)


Times Union, Albany, Guns and crime: the great debate. Gun control advocates mourn loss of assault weapons ban, but opponents say laws like it accomplish little Times Union, Albany; Gun permit rules open to interpretation
NRA to back student in yearbook photo tiff

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Shooting Leagues have started. Fall Shooting Leagues and Special Events have started.

     Several Orange County Leagues have started and now is the time to join. All are fun and don't cost very much to join. You can be any skill level, new to shooting or been shooting as long as John Kerry and still win. It is a good chance to see some other guns and meet some of the other shooters and 2nd Amendment supporters from the area.
     Click on the following to get more information:

Kerry is pro-gun/hunting/fishing in letter to the editor Kerry is pro-gun/hunting/fishing in letter to the editor

UPDATE: Peter sent me this e-mail:
Please put these comments in your news letter.
     I am not fighting the gun battle. I am worried about the environment. If we let the earth continue to be raped by a president with the worst environmental record in history we won?t have to worry about hunting and fishing, and owning guns. With global warming, habitat fragmentation, pollution and other environmental concerns being ignored, the fish won?t be edible and the game will be no more. By the way I hunt to put meat on the table and not for a trophy.

The following letter appeared in my local newsletter's letter to the editor on 10/15/04:

Kerry's the choice
      I have been hunting and fishing for over 50 years. I am a Republican. I am voting for Kerry. Here are some of Kerry's positions on guns directly from his Web site:
     Kerry is a strong supporter of sportsmen's rights to hunt and fish. He is a lifelong hunter. He is a gun owner and he believes in the right to bear arms. Kerry emphasized his strong belief in the Second Amendment. He has said that he will "work to ensure that the basic rights of all Americans to legally and safely hunt and fish are protected."
     He will support greater land conservation for hunting and fishing, and will work to prevent the construction of new roads into our remaining roadless areas, specifically to prevent further fragmentation of our forests.
Bush, on the other hand, is clueless on the environment. He has a devastating environmental record which will have long-term detrimental affects on hunting and fishing and our own health. Bush released new guidelines in January 2003 that will reduce federal wetlands protection.
     Bush proposed a rule that would remove mercury emissions from Clean Air Act regulations that have been used to limit the most toxic air pollutants. Mercury contamination in fish is poisoning us. Just read the advisories in your 2004 fishing regulation manual.
Pete Snyder
Lake Ariel, Pa., (

     I called the local board of elections and they have him listed as a republican and I checked on the internet and found out that the same letter was sent by the same person to several other papers.
River Reporter:
Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA:

     I called dear old Pete and he said that he had sent the letter to about 5 papers. When I started to talk to him I found out that he was very uninformed because he thought that the assault weapons ban had to do with full-atuo guns, he did not know that Kerry was supported by the anti-gun and anti-hunting groups, he did not know that Kerry had co-sponsored a bill that would ban many current semi-auto hunting guns or that Kerry had voted to ban hunting ammo.
     When I asked him if he felt the 2nd Amendment had more to do with protecting our hunting rights than our right to keep and bear arms he started to talk about the type of guns that they had when the 2nd Amendment was written. I said that you can not talk about that because to agree with that you would also have to agree that the "Press" at the time only had hand written letters and everything that was printed was hand printed on a press one at time and the type was hand set. The founding fathers could have never envisioned the modern printing press and the internet, TV and radio so the 1st Amendment and the "Freedom of the Press" should only apply to hand presses and hand written letters and not to anything that uses computers or electronics.
     I also pointed out that the musket of the time was their assault weapon and that the large barrel and smaller ball was designed to maximize their rate of fire. That in fact a high rate of fire was the main goal of musket and the British tried to use a breach loading black powder gun with a much higher rate of fire than the musket and it was very successful when it was used however the leader of the unit, who was the biggest proponent of the gun, was killed in battle and after the battle the unit was broken up and the guns turned back in and never used again. If the Americans or British could have made a machine gun using the technology that they had they would have made them and used them.
     Pete's main points when I talked to him was the war and the environment and that he was looking at the whole picture and not just our gun/hunting/fishing rights. I said that the points that he made in the letter only dealt with our hunting/fishing rights and the 2nd Amendment. He said he supports the 2nd Amendment as long as the gun are the ones that the government approves. He said the he would rather have Kerry as President and fight the anti-gun groups and anti-hunting groups rather than vote for Bush and not have to worry about our ability to hunt or our 2nd Amendment rights and fight with the Bush administration to improve their environmental record.
     The question is who will the pro-gun/hunting/fishing groups have more influence with?

  • Pres. Bush who has supported us and who we have supported, to improve his environmental record or
  • Pres. Kerry, who has never supported us and who we have never supported, to not support or sign another expanded gun ban or more hunting/fishing regulation pushed and proposed by his anti-gun/hunting/fishing friends who have given Kerry a ration of 100%.

Please try to write their local newspapers when you see letters like this.

Costume gets kid cuffed, Pine Bush senior had replica of Civil War musket for re-enactment Costume gets kid cuffed, Pine Bush senior had replica of Civil War musket for re-enactment
October 13, 2004, By Christian M. Wade, Times Herald-Record

UPDATE: Things are not as clear cut as they seem. I appears that the rule is that all blanks are suppose to be turned in at the end of the event and that is hard to do if you leave early. Those and other problems aside, it looks like the kid was arrested improperly because he did not have a gun and that is a requirement if they want to arrest you for having a gun on school grounds. This is the type of arrest that you can bring a law suit for because they could have taken him back to the station and looked up the law and looked at the rifle to find out if it was a real gun or a blank shooting replica.

     Pine Bush – Last weekend, Joshua Phelps was fighting Confederate soldiers with a Civil War-era musket in his arms, re-enacting the epic 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville.
     When the Pine Bush High School senior was done charging around the grassy fields behind Montgomery's Brick House Museum, he tossed his musket, a bayonet and Union soldier's blue uniform in his car and forgot about it.
     Yesterday, a security guard at the high school saw the butt of the musket. He called the cops. The discovery by the guard sparked a chain of events that got the B-average student arrested, suspended from school for five days and facing weapons charges. He could be expelled from school and even jailed.
     Phelps, 17, was sitting in study hall when the security guard told him to come to Assistant Principal Aaron Hopmayer's office. When he got there he was told that a rifle had been spotted in his car. He wasn't concerned. He knew they would understand. "I actually thought it was kind of stupid, at first, when I heard it was about the musket," Joshua said. "I didn't think I'd get arrested over it."
     He went with them to the parking lot and let them search his car. They pulled the musket from his back seat along with a uniform and Civil War-era accessories. Minutes later, he was arrested by Town of Crawford police, handcuffed, and charged with fourth-degree criminal possession, a misdemeanor. The cops confiscated the gun. His mother, Valerie Michaels, is outraged. "They arrested my son for having a Civil War costume," she said yesterday. "The school district has blown this incident totally out of proportion. It's ludicrous."
The musket was part of the teenager's Civil War-era costume, which included his uniform – shoes, leather belt, jacket, hat, powder keg and a leather cartridge box.
     Over the weekend, Phelps participated in the re-enactment of the May 1863 battle of Chancellorsville at the Brick House Museum, an annual event hosted by the 124th New York State Volunteers, the famed "Orange Blossoms." The re-enactors model themselves after the original regiment, which was mustered into action from Orange County in the summer of 1862. The unit would take part in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg the following year – key conflicts in the war.
     Michaels said she understands how school officials would be concerned, in the post-Columbine era, after discovering the musket on school grounds. But she said once they learned the musket was a replica, they should have given him a break. "I don't understand why the school wants to push this so far," she said. "There are bigger problems at that high school than this. It just doesn't make any sense."
     Town of Crawford police Chief Daniel McCann disagreed. Replica or not, he said, the musket could have been used to fire a projectile, such as a small rock. He said officers found 14 to 15 rolled cartridges with black powder, and a bayonet. "I know this might appear to be a minor thing, but it's not," McCann said. "The musket was found in his car on the high school grounds and could have been used."
     Pine Bush Superintendent RoseMarie Stark called yesterday's incident a "student discipline matter" and declined comment.
School officials say bloody massacres like the April 20, 1999, one at Columbine High School, have prompted state and federal governments to enact laws about weapons in schools.
     Many states have a zero-tolerance stance, meaning a fake musket that fires blanks carries the same penalty as a loaded AK-47 assault rifle. In New York, each case must take into account the weapon, the circumstances and the student's history. "There is a concern among school districts, even with replicas or fake guns," said David Ernst, a spokesman for the state School Boards Association.
     In Pine Bush, the high school had recruited students to become involved in the Civil War re-enactors club. Phelps, who joined the Civil War Club a few months ago, said he was looking to get more involved in extra-curricular activities, hoping it would boost his standing on college applications. He found an ad for the club in the school district's annual catalog. After joining, the Orange Blossoms, who are affiliated with the club, gave him a uniform, the replica musket that shoots blanks, a powder keg and a Union soldier's uniform.
     "If they [the school district] were really so afraid that a replica musket could be used to shoot someone, then why are they giving them out to 17-year-olds?" Michaels asked.

OCFSC Dinner a big success OCFSC Dinner a big success

     Orange County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc. held it's annual dinner at Kohl's Highland House in Middletown and it was a great success. All of the clubs in Orange County were represented and many of the local politicians who are seeking office showed up this year. We had many bucket raffles and two special BONUS Prize tables. We also had two drawings for the 'You win, You pick the gun you win from the "Wall of Guns"' with the third drawing a 50/50 for $300. The biggest fund raiser succeeded in rising over $1,100 to fund a special program dedicated to the memory of Rudy Vallet.

The two winners of the "Wall of Guns" had many good guns to choose from. Shotguns, bolt action 30-06, lever action in several calibers and even a black powder made choosing hard.
I ended up winning the last drawing of the Dinner

The two Bonus Tables had the best prizes including two guns.

The Bucket Raffle had something for everyone. These are just a few people who won

Someone is going to be in the "dog house"

Miller, Byrne
Cerreto, Alessandro, Rosenwasser

     Many political people showed up to show their support. These are the Judges who are seeking election in November.


RUDY VALLET passed away on 10/2/04 RUDY VALLET passed away on 10/2/04
Rudy selling tickets

      Rudy Vallet from Goshen, lost his courageous battle with leukemia and died Saturday, October 2, 2004 at New York Presbyterian Medical Center. He was 63.
     Few people in Orange County have ever worked as hard, have spent as much time with as many clubs and groups as Rudy did in protecting all aspects of our lands and our rights as Rudy did. Rudy held many positions in many clubs and groups in Orange Rudy talking to the press at a SPARC  meetingCounty and attended many meetings across the state representing Orange County.
     Rudy was also very active in SPARC, Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition, a group who has led the fight to preserve the Buffer Lands west of Durry Lane next to Stewart Airport.
  Rudy accepts OCFSC's Sportsman of the Year Award.    Rudy was awarded the "Sportsman of the Year" award from the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc. in 2002. The award recognized the years of hard work that he had spent as an officer in the club and representing the club at many functions and meetings. As the Federations current Secretary, a position that he held for many years, Rudy spent many hours preparing the monthly meeting minutes, writing letters, and representing the Federation.
     Rudy was very active in the local community, serving on the Goshen Village Planning Board, and in a myriad of environmental organizations. They inlcude: Orange County Federation of Sportsmen's Club, The County Seat Conservation Club of Goshen, The Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition, the Sterling Forest Partnership, the Quassaick Creek Project, the Edgar Mearns Bird Club, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, the Nature Conservancy, Southern Catskill Anglers and the Goshen Heritage Coalition. He was also Orange county sportman's delegate to the seven-county Region-3 Fish and Wildlife Management Board.
      In lieu of flowers, relatives request that contributions be made in Rudy's honor to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Westchester/Hudson Valley Chapter, 1311 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 310, White Plains, NY 10605.

Soft-spoken land advocate will be missed
By Bill Conners, For the Poughkeepsie Journal

     One of the leading voices in the movement to protect several thousand acres of land in the Mid-Hudson region from development has been stilled. Rudy Vallet of Goshen, Orange County, died last weekend following a long battle with cancer.
      Vallet's name has long been associated with sporting and conservation causes, but if there is one issue where his name jumps to the forefront it has to be the decades long battle by SPARC -- the Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition -- to save the Stewart Buffer Lands from the ravages of developer's bulldozers.
     Now known as Stewart State Forest, more than 5,000 acres immediately to the west of Stewart Airport have been set aside as park land. It is possible that the outcome of a pending lawsuit brought by SPARC and other interested parties which would block the construction of an access road could expand the protected acreage.
     The state had taken the property from hundreds of landowners in the early 1970s using eminent domain laws -- the right of government to appropriate private property for public use.
     In a case that is pending before the United States Supreme Court right now, the question to be resolved is whether the government should be allowed to seize private property and then convert it to commercial use.
     I had the privilege of serving with Vallet on the Department of Environmental Conservation Region 3 Fish and Wildlife Management Board. As I watched and listened to Vallet in his capacity as chair of that board, it was easy to see how he could capture the hearts and minds of the students he taught during his long career as a teacher.
     Vallet's was a firm yet gentle voice in an arena where it sometimes seems that the loudest voice wins. That wasn't his style. Even when you were arguing with him, it didn't feel like you were. He knew how to stand his ground and make his point, and he knew how to do it in a non-confrontational manner.
     Responding to criticism that SPARC was driving up unemployment by blocking the access road and the construction jobs that would come with it, Vallet countered that just as many jobs would be available if an access road were built that didn't destroy valuable park land.
     For all the folks who served with Vallet in the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen, SPARC, the Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the many other organizations that were lucky enough to captured his attention, it will be difficult to accept that he will no longer be that at the table to make sense out of nonsense. He had a way of doing that. He could, in a very gentlemanly fashion and in a voice not one octave higher than normal, boil arguments down to their most basic elements and then get everyone to at least listen to each other in spite of the differing opinions being expressed.
     Vallet would be the first person to point out that he was not the only soldier in the battle to save the buffer lands, that it was and continues to be a battle that must be fought by an army of conservationists. But every army needs its generals, among whom I count Vallet.
     Rudy Vallet's legacy will not be just what he did, but also how he did it.

George Rogero, Webmaster, receives award from SCOPE George Rogero, Webmaster, receives award from SCOPE
George Rogero accepts Frank Martino Leadership Award
Pete Jeremich presenting the Frank Martion Leadership Award to George Rogero

     For my work on I was award the Frank Martino Leadership Award by SCOPE. I gave a short acceptance speech thanking my wife and urging others to start a similar web site for their own counties. It is important that if someone goes to Google to search for hunting, fishing, shooting sports, clubs, laws, stores, events and other outdoor related activities that they be able to find something that gives them local information.


NY DEC anounces impact of Hurricane Ivan on NY's Pheasant stocking program NY DEC announces impact of Hurricane Ivan on NY's Pheasant stocking program

     Gordon R. Batcheller of the N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources has announced the impact of Hurricane Ivan on NY's Pheasant stocking program. Heavy rain caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ivan caused the additional mortality at the Reynolds Game Farm in Ithaca, NY and has forced a slight reduction in the number of pheasants available for the NY State pheasant stocking program. The total allocation this season will be 23,400 instead of planned 25,000 with each region receiving 100 fewer cocks and 100 fewer hens. 2500 to 3000 lost because of Fracis and Ivan.


UPDATE-- I have been looking an the NY law and as far as I can tell it does not include the requirement of marking magazines, it just bans; "LARGE CAPACITY AMMUNITION FEEDING DEVICE" MEANS A MAGAZINE, BELT, DRUM,  FEED STRIP, OR SIMILAR DEVICE, MANUFACTURED AFTER SEPTEMBER THIR TEENTH, NINETEEN HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR ..." NY was relying on the federal ban that required that magazines be marked. Provisions for allowing police, military and others to have +10 magazines were included as changes to Sec 265.20. Exemptions.

     This law is going to be a big problem to gun owners in NY and will be almost impossible to enforce and will expose gun owners to risk. These problems will only get worse as time goes on. I am not suggesting that anyone break the current law. I am pointing out that it is almost impossible to enforce.
     The problem lies in the fact that none of the new guns or magazines will have any new markings on them to show when they were made. While gun makers and others will know that they are not allowed to ship new product into the state, it is going to be impossible to prevent someone from bringing items into the state when they move into the state or gun dealers who go to gun shows. If you buy a new or used gun that falls under the current NY AWB then you will have to check to make sure that it was made BEFORE 9/13/94. If it was made without the features that make it an AWB and those features were added after 9/13/94 then your gun is still illegal. How is anyone going to be able to tell a legal AW, (Pre 9/13/94,) from an illegal AW? The only way is to check the serial number with the gun maker to find out when the gun was made.
      What about regular capacity magazines? Magazines that hold over 10 rounds that were made before 9/13/94 are legal. Magazines made after 9/13/04 are illegal but the makers are not required by any federal law to mark the magazines and states do not have the power to require a maker to mark all of their new product. Slight changes are made over time as improvements in design or in manufacturing so some minor change is a spring design, material used or other minor change can show when a magazine was made, HOWEVER, nothing in the law prevents a manufacture from repairing a magazine and repairs are not tracked so no one can really ever say that the +10 mag you have was not sent back for repair by the original owner.
     So I can go to another state and buy a 17 round mag. for my Glock 17 and the police will have no way to prove when my new magazine was made. But let's say that you have a Glock 32, (.357 Cal.,) and you are out of town or at a gun show and find a 13 round magazine and buy it. The Glock 32 was not introduced until 1998 so no +10 magazines for it are legal. Now let's say that 30 years from now you sell the gun to someone else, how are they suppose to know that the magazine is illegal?
      I have talked to Glock, S&W, and Ruger and they all say that they are not marking their magazines. I asked Ruger what they do for NY and other states that have some local AWB and they said that they are marking those magazines sold to police and other qualified buyers that are to be shipped to those states. Some have the notice, "THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA OR NEW YORK" on their web site.
      I have talked to some NY State Police in Albany and they are aware that some parts of the law are going to be impossible to enforce and they have no plans to do anything now. If you have a +10 magazine, yes, the police can give you a hard time but I cannot see how they can ever prove when it was made. (And the police could have always given you a hard time in the last 10 years.) The main problem is going to be if you have a gun that was introduced after 9/13/94 and so no +10 mags were ever available. 20 years from now if you buy a Glock in .357 that comes with a +10 mag. from someone who owed it legally in PA but then moved to NY and kept the mag, how is anyone going to know that the +10 mags is illegal?

The gun ban has ended for most of the nation but thanks to Gov. Mario Pataki NY will still be safe.

on the history of the Federal AW Ban

Pataki Vetos mandatory wearing of Orange Bill Pataki Veto's mandatory wearing of Orange Bill

I am returning herewith, without my approval, the following bill:
Senate Bill Number 6878-B, entitled: "AN ACT to amend the environmental conservation law in relation to requiring certain persons hunting for big game to wear fluorescent orange outer garments" NOT APPROVED
      This bill would amend the Environmental Conservation Law to require every person hunting for big game (deer and bears) with a rifle, shot-gun, pistol or revolver to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of Fluorescent orange material above the waist or a hat or cap of such material. The bill would establish a civil penalty of not less than $10 nor more than $50 for violation of the requirement. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) would be required to provide notice of the requirement in the State Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide that is provided to hunters when they receive their hunting licenses. The bill would take effect on January 1, 2005.
      Although the sponsors' objective of promoting hunting safety is laudable, I have not been persuaded that the bill would achieve that objective. While I fully support and encourage DEC's continuing efforts to educate hunters and promote the voluntary wearing of blaze orange, the key to hunting safety is for hunters to know their target and what lies beyond. A wide variety of non-hunters, such as hikers, birders, campers, loggers, horseback riders and Environmental Conservation Officers, share our State's natural environment with hunters and generally do not wear blaze orange. Thus, while it is inappropriate and dangerous for hunters to assume that they are clear to shoot in the absence of seeing blaze orange, I am concerned that the bill's statutory mandate could unfortunately lead less careful hunters to make that erroneous assumption. Moreover, based on the empirical data presented on hunting safety in our neighboring Northeast states -- some of which mandate the wearing of blaze orange and others of which encourage it -- it does not appear that mandating blaze orange will, by itself, increase hunting safety. Based on the foregoing, I am constrained to disapprove the bill.
The bill is disapproved. (signed) GEORGE E. PATAKI

SCOPE holds Annual Dinner SCOPE holds Annual Dinner
2004 SCOPE Annual Dinner

     On September 17 in Buffalo, NY, SCOPE held its annual meeting and dinner. Attending as guest speakers were Harold Volkmer, (D), Member of Congress 1967-1997, Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President- NRA, Sandy Froman, 1st Vice President - NRA and others. The food was good and they had some great prizes including some guns and bucket raffles and a silent auction and a regular auction.
     Wayne LaPierre gave a great speech about the UN and how they many countries are organizing to support a treaty on "Small Arms." One would think that your hunting rifle or shotgun or your target 22 Cal handgun would not be included but it is. The UN idea is that all firearms should be registered and highly regulated and the US's 2nd Amendment has to go for the greater good of the world because our gun rights are the only thing that is causing death and destruction with guns across the world.
     Representative Harold L. Volkmer, (D.,) talked about the Volkmer-McClure bill - the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, that was signed into law by Pres. Reagan.
     George Rogero was awarded the "Frank Martino Leadership Award" for his work as webmaster of

    Mike Kubow,
Orange County
Scope Chapter Chair with Wayne.
Wayne LaPierre gave a short interview to local Ch7. The questions were framed like, "Just how unsafe does the NRA think that guns should be stored so that kids can be hurt.?"

Pete Jeremich , SCOPE's 1st VP and his lovely and charming date.
Pete is also the owner of Serb-Art who host SCOPE's website and
  Sandy Froman with Scholarship award winner.
Some of the many prizes

SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

     SCOPE INC. (Shooter's Committee On Political Education) held it's annual banquet on September 17 with the theme of honoring our military personnel who served to keep America Free. County Legislator, Chuck Swanick and Boston Town Clerk, David Shenk attended, Swanick in his dress uniform and Shenk in his BDU's. Banquet Chairman, Mary Jo Picone, made special mention of those in the active reserve and the veterans who served on active duty. They received the proper recognition for the sacrifices they made in the defense and protection of our country. County Legislator, Timothy Wroblewski received the Legislator of the Year Award for his successful effort moving the resolution in the County Legislature opposing the Pataki proposal to make pistol permits renewable and charging outrageous fees in the process, creating a de facto confiscation by taxation. The crowd of almost 300 was treated to three outstanding speakers.
      NRA Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre spoke to the theme of the banquet. He discussed the need to be vigilant and particularly to beware of the plans of the United Nations to disarm the citizens of all the countries. The NRA is an NGO, (Non Governmental Organization) and opposes all plans to write a treaty which would give the UN control over small arms worldwide. Since a treaty can supercede the Constitution, that would make our Second Amendment moot. He promised that not only would NRA oppose such a treaty, but would use all its power and influence to prevent it from being passed. He promised that NRA would always be the leader in protecting our Constitutional freedoms and would never abandon the fight to prevent erosion of our Bill of Rights.
      The second speaker, Harold Volker, who was the co-sponsor of the Volker-McClure Firearms Owner Protection Act, described the tough and lengthy process to pass legislation that regained some of the rights of gun owners that were destroyed by the 1968 Gun Control Act. His bill allows hunters and target shooters to transport their firearms interstate so they can go hunting or compete in competitions. It also eliminated some of the very onerous restrictions regarding the purchase of guns and ammunition. His description of the roadblocks the chairman of the Judiciary Committee placed in his way gave the audience an insight into the power a chairman wields in Congress. He finally had to do an "end around" and initiate a discharge petition which meant a majority of the Congressmen had to sign the petition to get the bill on the floor to be debated. It worked and he won. It would seem that in the Congress, procedure takes precedent over principles and it takes dedicated representatives, in many cases, to provide the pathway to justice and fairness.
      Sandra Froman, First Vice-President of NRA, was the final speaker and reminded the audience that the NRA is the oldest CIVIL RIGHTS organization in America. She spoke of the origin of NRA which was founded shortly after the Civil War to teach marksmanship skills to civilians so that they would be much better prepared in time of war or other conflict. She defined the legal definition of the organized and unorganized militia. The most notable demonstration of the "unorganized militia" was the example of the passengers flying on 9/11 who prevented the terrorist's plan of crashing the plane into the Capitol. These passengers actually became the unorganized militia as they stopped the terrorists. Their brave actions caused the plane to crash in Pennsylvania and saved Washington, DC. The unorganized militia was comprised of the heroes who rose to the occasion and did their duty to protect America. They didn't wear uniforms, but they displayed the courage to fight for freedom and they defined the concept of the militia for all Americans to follow.
      All speakers received a standing ovation by a grateful audience. Nobody left the banquet without understanding that the NRA and SCOPE are synonymous with the definition of Freedom. -30- Comments to Mr. Schroeder can be made to: The Front Page, 2703 South Park Ave., Lackawanna, NY 14218


NRA Endorses George W. Bush for President NRA Endorses George W. Bush for President
Wednesday, October 13, 2004

FAIRFAX, VA -- The National Rifle Association`s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has endorsed George W. Bush for President of the United States.
      "NRA stands with President George W. Bush on November 2nd," said Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president. "If you believe in freedom and want to preserve the Second Amendment for future generations, vote to re-elect President Bush and Vice President Cheney.
      "In the United States we have a long tradition of hunting and sport shooting," stated LaPierre. "President Bush and Vice President Cheney both love to hunt and fish. They know the Constitution gives people the personal right to bear arms. And, they want to pass the values of our Nation on to a new generation."
      NRA Chief Lobbyist Chris W. Cox added, "Four years ago, NRA members went to the polls and stopped Al Gore`s plans to continue the war on America`s gun owners. But now, we face a greater threat than even the Clinton/Gore Administration posed. John Kerry and John Edwards are the most anti-gun presidential team in our country`s history.
      "Law-abiding gun owners must understand the importance of the 2004 elections for the Second Amendment," Cox said. "America has a clear choice; to side with a candidate who has a long record of protecting our gun rights, or with a candidate who has cast more than 50 votes against gun owners and sportsmen."
      "The future of our freedom is at stake on November 2. Join with us, and ask your family, friends and fellow sportsmen to join with us, in voting for a freer and stronger America. Vote to re-elect President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney," concluded LaPierre.
      For more information please visit:

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer sees promise in laser etching all ammoCalifornia Attorney General Bill Lockyer sees promise in laser etching all ammo
By James P. Sweeney, COPLEY NEWS SERVICE,October 6, 2004

     SACRAMENTO – For years, manufacturers have branded computer chips and airline parts with microscopic codes that identify each piece and protect against counterfeiting and theft.
     The figures, etched with a laser and as small as the width of two human hairs, are nearly invisible to the naked eye but easily read with an electronic magnifying glass.
     After a promising internal study, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has concluded the same high-tech tracking system could be a powerful new weapon against crime, particularly gun violence.
     Lockyer wants to brand all handgun ammunition sold in the state. The ammunition and information about people who buy it would be electronically recorded with the same system now used for gun sales and stored in a database available to law enforcement.
     Lockyer and his top firearms expert have briefed law enforcement leaders on the system and the Democratic attorney general is expected to introduce it at an anti-crime summit this week in Los Angeles.
     The move figures to touch off the next big fight over gun-control in California, which already has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation.
     "Most of the guns used in crime – 80 percent – are handguns," said Randy Rossi, director of the firearms division at the state Department of Justice. "We want to see how well this works and give it a sunset. If it doesn't work, abandon it. But there is no reason in the world to believe it won't work."
     The plan would require putting serial numbers on all handgun ammunition possessed in public, sold or imported into the state. To accommodate law-abiding sport shooters and those who reload their own cartridges, anyone on their way to or from a shooting range or hunting trip would be exempt. It's unclear how this provision would work, with supporters acknowledging that details on many aspects of the system need to be worked out.
     The microstamping system under study was developed by a Washington state company, Ravensforge. The company engraves shell casings and bullets with a matching serial number. All of the cartridges in a box packaged for retail sale would have the same serial number, which could be scanned and linked to a purchaser's driver license number, Rossi said.
     The state's more than 1,600 licensed firearms dealers already have the electronic equipment to record the information – scanning the code on the ammunition box and electronically swiping the driver license – in the same way they collect required personal information for gun transactions.
     Rossi initially was skeptical that a bullet's number would be legible after it was fired.
     A test of 200 rounds fired from close range into walls, car doors, bulletproof vests, rubber matting and a gel designed to simulate a human target convinced him the technology is sound.
     Of 181 slugs recovered – including soft lead bullets that largely flattened out – the tiny code could be read on 180 of them with a simple electronic magnifying scope.
     "We tried to prove this doesn't work," he said. "To have it work virtually every time, I was very surprised."
     Lockyer seized on the system as an alternative to ballistics fingerprinting, which relies on unique, microscopic imperfections in shell casings and slugs. The attorney general angered gun-control advocates last year when his office concluded that ballistics imaging required a massive database and would prove ineffective unless launched as part of national system.
     By tracking ammunition, which Rossi said has a relatively short shelf life, the state could develop a much broader database than an alternative that applies only to new handguns.
     The attorney general's aides concede the microstamping proposal faces daunting political and financial obstacles. Manufacturers, gun-control and gun-rights activists – none of whom were involved in the initial study – are raising questions.
     Gary Mehalik of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for manufacturers of ammunition and firearms, said the caliber of guns used in any test could have been a critical factor in the results.
     The state tested 9 millimeter, .38, .40 and .45 caliber handguns. No .22 caliber weapons were used and microstamping has not yet been applied to .22 caliber ammunition, the most common used by sport shooters.
     Rossi and Paul Curry, a lobbyist for Ravensforge, said the serial numbers could be applied for a penny or less per cartridge. But Mehalik predicted it would be expensive to add a manufacturing process that matches casings and bullets, and then packages them in a box with the same code number.
     "We'd have to analyze the costs, but I can tell you that it would create a logistical nightmare inside the current production systems," Mehalik said.
     A leading gun-rights group dismissed the proposal as an ill-conceived, high-tech version of gun registration.
     "The technology is certainly there, but all of the technology can be defeated by anyone who wants to defeat it," said Sam Paredes of the 30,000-member Gun Owners of California.
     Many gun owners make their own ammunition and reuse lead and shell casings, Paredes said.
     "Gang members in South Central or East Los Angeles, they're going to know this ammunition is tainted," Paredes said. "So they're going to pay somebody a little bit of money to load some ammunition for them and they're clean."
     But they won't be legal if caught with unmarked ammo in public, Rossi said.
     "We could get some gang bangers who all of a sudden take an interest and study reloading . . . but I hardly think so," Rossi said. "These are the same people that won't even bother to put a glove on when they're committing a crime or put some mud on their license plate.
     "This won't solve every crime, but it will solve a lot of crimes."


     In a tremendous pro-Second Amendment victory, on September 29, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the "District of Columbia Personal Protection Act--" legislation seeking to restore the right of self-protection to law-abiding citizens of Washington, D.C. HR 3193, which was introduced by Representatives Mark Souder (R-Ind.) and Mike Ross (D-Ark.), passed by a bi-partisan vote of 250-171. The bill is the House companion to Senate bill S. 1414, introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).
      The legislation now heads to the Senate for approval. Please contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to cosponsor and support S. 1414. You can find contact information for your elected officials by using the "Write Your Representatives" tool at, or you can call your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121. (OR 1-800-839-5276)
     Rep. Sue Kelly voted for the bill's passage, Rep. Hinchey voted against it and the rights of DC citizens.

Handgun Control, (aka Brady Center,) looses lawsuit against Ruger Handgun Control, (aka Brady Center,) looses lawsuit against Ruger

October 1, 2004       Lawyers from the Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence Legal Action Project represented two New Jersey police officers had filed a lawsuit against Sturm, Ruger & Co. after the two police officers were shot by a felon in illegal possession of a Ruger handgun. The lawsuit was dismissed by Kanawha County Circuit Judge Irene Berger in West Virginia. (That's the last place a retail store legally sold the firearm, following a mandatory criminal background check). Berger said it would require "a real stretch" to make the gun maker responsible because the gun had originally been sold to an Ohio wholesaler. By the time it got to the pawnshop that last sold it, it had lawfully changed hands four times.
     Handgun Control, (aka Brady Center,) argued that Sturm, Ruger was to blame for the 2001 criminal shooting even though Sturm, Ruger had two years earlier (1999) lawfully sold the firearm to a federally licensed Ohio distributor, which in turn sold it to a federally licensed West Virginia dealer. The dealer then lawfully sold the firearm to an ordained Baptist minister, who passed a federally mandated criminal background check of FBI records. The minister later gave the firearm to gun collector friend, who was legally permitted to own the firearm. That individual subsequently pawned the firearm at a West Virginia pawnshop. The pawnshop, following a criminal background check, sold the used firearm to a woman, Tammi Songer, who was able to pass the federal background check. But Tammi Songer broke the law by making the illegal 'straw purchase' on behalf of James Gray, a convicted drug felon from New Jersey . Gray illegally trafficked the firearm over state lines into New Jersey where it unlawfully traded hands in the criminal underground and ultimately ended up in the hands of Shuntez Everett, a career criminal. Everett used the firearm to shoot the police officers and perished in the gunfight with them. Gray, the convicted drug felon who trafficked the gun, and the woman who illegally bought it for him, were prosecuted and served time for their offenses.
     A clerk at the Will's Jewelry and Loan Co., the pawnshop that sold the gun and 11 others to taxi driver Tammi Songer even though another man, James Gray, picked out the guns and carried them out the door, settled with the officers for $1 million in June.. Songer later said Gray - a felon who could not legally buy guns - had paid her cash to act as his purchaser. where the gun was sold,

Bush Challenged on D.C. Gun BillBush Challenged on D.C. Gun Bill
Democrats Push for Stand on Repeal of Weapons Bans
By Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, September 28, 2004; Page A04

     The House is going to vote on the DC gun ban so 2 anti-gun House members have something to say to add to subject.

     Two senior House Democrats called on President Bush yesterday to declare whether he supports a bill that would repeal virtually all of the District's gun laws, as GOP House leaders scheduled a vote on the measure tomorrow.
     In their letter to Bush, Reps. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) said the bill would "undo many of the security measures that have been put into place" in the nation's capital since the 2001 terrorist attacks.
      They wrote that if the bill became law, "someone could legally possess a semiautomatic [.50-caliber] sniper rifle and armor piercing ammunition in an apartment overlooking . . . Connecticut Avenue, a common route for motorcades.
      "Ice cream and hot dog vendors [on the Mall] could be armed with assault weapons. . . . A Capitol Hill resident who lived across the street from the U.S. Supreme Court could sit on his porch with a fully-loaded semiautomatic Uzi Carbine." ...

Pols vow to revive gun ban , Taking on assault rifles Polls vow to revive gun ban , Taking on assault rifles

     Local lawmakers pledged yesterday to work to reinstate the recently expired ban on assault weapons. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer said he hasn't given up trying to renew the ban, which fell by the wayside two weeks ago.
      "Not continuing the ban on assault weapons is one of the great disgraces this year," Schumer (D-N.Y.) said, promising that members of Congress will take up the cause during its next session.
      A story in yesterday's Daily News showed how the once-banned weapons can pierce through concrete and even some bulletproof vests.
      And some law enforcement officials fear the powerful guns, once used to guard drug dens during the height of the crack epidemic, could make their way back into New York City.
      "The Daily News talked about people having AR-15s," Schumer said. "Nobody needs an AR-15. These were designed as weapons of war. ... They should be abolished."
      Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly aggressively lobbied to keep the 10-year-old ban in place.
      Earlier this month, the Republican mayor took the unusual step of taking President Bush to task for his inaction.
      "I think every congressman and every senator has a responsibility to stand up," Bloomberg told reporters. "And I think the President can do more."
      Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Queens, Brooklyn) accused the President of cozying up to the National Rifle Association.
      "Every police organization and even Commissioner Kelly said these will make the streets less safe," Weiner said. "In the showdown between the NRA and the overwhelming majority of the population and police officials, President Bush chose the NRA."

New NRA mascot? John Kerry and assault weapons: Takes one to own one? New NRA mascot?
John Kerry and assault weapons: Takes one to own one?
(Does Kerry own an AK 47??)

Date published: 9/22/2004
      CHASTISING PRESIDENT BUSH for allowing the ban on assault weapons to lapse, Sen. Kerry charged in a speech on Sept. 10 that "America's streets will not be safe because of a choice George Bush is making" and that "in the al-Qaida manual on terror, they were telling people to go out and buy assault weapons, to come to America and buy assault weapons." Furthermore, "Every law-enforcement officer in America doesn't want us selling assault weapons in the streets of America," he claimed.
      Strong words from the Democratic candidate. But now we read in the October issue of Outdoor Life that Mr. Kerry himself may have one of these nefarious firearms. Asked if he was a gun owner and, if so, what was his favorite gun, the man from Massachusetts said, "My favorite gun is the M-16 that saved my life and that of my crew in Vietnam. I don't own one of those now, but one of my reminders of my service is a Communist Chinese assault rifle."
      An assault rifle? Egads! So what is Mr. Kerry's philosophy, exactly? Outlaw guns, so only lawmakers can have them?


     It turns out that the Kerry people are saying that some underling goofed when filling out the form and what Kerry is really talking about is a bolt action Russian rifle, a Mosin-Nagant rifle, that was used as a sniper rifle. Odd that they would mix up a AK47 with a bolt action and the fact that he got it through private sale, something that Kerry wants to ban. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NSSF ARTICLE


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